Glowing Cheeks With Shu Uemura Glow On M Peach 44

11:32 PM

I got my first Shu Glow On blush yesterday and it completely blown me away! It's so pretty! 
Shu Uemura Glow On M Peach 44 is described as matte orange peach - warm undertones. It might not look exciting on the pan (perhaps because of the blah packaging), but when applied on the apples of my cheeks, it gives that natural warm peach flush. It also glides easily and blends like a dream. If you find Nars Torrid overwhelming and Benefit's Georgia quite lame, well this might be the blush that you are looking for. It's the perfect matte light peach blush that gives that natural radiance on my cheeks. I just use my regular blush brush, tap it on the apples of my cheeks and lightly build up the color. It sinks into my skin and just makes my face glow; - a nice subtle warm glow which I am totally liking. I'm sure this baby will receive a lot of love from me. So don't be shock to see this in my May favorites. Now I totally understand about the raves this product is getting. This is one product that totally lived up to its hype.

Here's a quick swatch on my arm:
Love it!

I just wish that the packaging is more sturdy. I'm too scared to drop this because I totally think that it will smash into pieces once it hit the ground. And I don't want that to happen to my first Shu blush (or to any of my blushes) because that will break my poor little heart.

How about you? Have you tried Shu Glow On blushes?
What are your favorites? Let me know, ayt?

Until then.

Peace and Love!

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