Lush Haul c/o Fire Sale + Sunsilk!

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Rustan's Shangri La started their Fire Sale today. The said sale will commence until Sunday (May 9). If you live or work near the area, you still have plenty of time to rush to Rustan's and shop shop shop till you drop. Just don't forget to bring extra patience (and cash too), because you will be welcomed by huge number of people, long lines and some not-so-in-good condition sale items. Also, the place still stinks, so if you are pregnant and asthmatic, I suggest skip the sale or wear a mask. The sale items include clothes, shoes, bags, etc at 10% -70% off. Unfortunately, cosmetics were not on sale for hygienic purposes. As a matter of fact, they were all disposed immediately. Poor little babies :(

I managed not to get anything from Rustan's. I was just too impatient to wait in line in order to have my card swiped for just a pair of heels. Plus, I could no longer stand the smell (still a little ashy). You bet, I was a little disappointed. I don't want to pay parking fees and go home empty handed. That's unfair, right? So I went to the main mall and there I saw a big "FIRE SALE" sign at Lush; -that my ladies, made my heart leep :)

LUSH soaps are on sale and the prices? -just Php50 (almost US$1)for every 100 grams. That is one huge discount! Lush soaps retail for Php245-Php275 per 100 grams. So I grabbed my basket and filled it up with my favorite lush soap of all time - HONEY I WASHED THE KIDS. (and a few other stuff)

Description: "Mouth-watering honey soap for washing you, the kids, the dog and the granny. Real honey hand and body soap to soothe and sweetly scent your skin." What more can I say? I love this to bits! It's my go-to soap every time I feel that my body deserves a little pampering. And since it's Mother's Day this Sunday, I decided to buy a generous amount of this fab soap and share this to all the gorgeous moms I know and I completely adore. I just finished wrapping them (since the ones on sale were not wrapped) and I can't wait to give them to those awesome ladies :) 

Oh, and here are the "few other stuff" :)
Description: "Give your body sexy peel; a reviving marmalade soap that wakes you up with fresh fruits." This is Mr. BF's favorite! He uses this as a car freshener too. 

Description: "The creamy vanilla sweetie one.Here's a soap for all of us who know we ought to be attracted to sophisticated beiges and navy blues but can't help grabbing everything perfume. Cut through a big chunk and you'll find some little white soap stars inside; you'll find even more as you wash with it. Now get out there and sparkle!" One of my faves. I love how its sweet scent lingers on my skin after every wash. A super must try! 
Description: "For glossy hair with a few golden sparkles thrown in.With Ultimate Shine it's not so much the gold sparkles which give you the ultimate in shinyness, it's the essential oils. (Most of the gold sparkles come out in the rinse, to be perfectly honest about it). Here we have fragrant ylang ylang oil which is used in the far east to keep hair shiny and smelling sensual; we have violet leaf oil which is good for decongesting your scalp so your hair will stay shiny. We also have elemi oil to tone your scalp and to calm your nerves so you can shine socially too." I got this on sale too for only 75 pesos (Reg price Php425). I haven't tried this one yet but my hopes are high for this product. I just wish it will not disappoint my hair. 

Speaking of hair, after months of waiting, my Sunsilk Damage Repair Kit finally arrived. If you were able to read my post about my April favorites, you would already know that I am completely hooked on the Sunsilk Damage Repair conditioner. I can't wait to try the shampoo and perhaps, I'll buy the serum too. Thanks again Sunsilk! :)
Again, let me know what you think. How do you find Lush products? Tell me your faves, ayt?

Until then.

Peace and Love!

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