YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in #6 Legendary Mocha

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Again, the packaging is among the most luxurious I've ever used; - a heavy gold metallic tube with a mirror on top of the lid and a YSL logo in the midsection of the tube. Under the YSL logo is a plastic collar showing the lipstick color which I find pretty accurate. I love that little detail.

Now, onto this particular tube.
Legendary Mocha is a creamy deep chocolate brown color with red undertones. It is very opaque that a little dab on the lips is enough to make the color stand. This color will not deceive you. What you see, is what you get. If you hate colors that look pretty on the tube but a little disappointing when applied on the lips, well you better check your nearest YSL counter soon. The YSL Rouge Volupte line will not fail you.  I bought this from the recent Luxasia sale (no testers and no returns) for just a fraction of its current retail price in the market (Php600/ US$14).  
At first, I really had no plans of getting this. The color looks dark on my skin tone and I find it so unwearable. But I realized that this might be gorgeous when paired with a nude lipgloss. So I just trusted my instinct and grabbed it.

Here are some swatches: (one swipe only)
(Natural Lighting)
(Flash Photography)

And when combined with a nude lipgloss (Nars Striptease and YSL Gloss Pur #1), it instantly transformed to a more wearable milky beige shade. :)

Here are some swatches:

On my pigmented lips, it appears as a rich reddish brown sort-of-vampy color. Here's YSL Rouge Volupte #6 in all its glory :)

And here's Legendary Mocha with Nars Striptease lip gloss on top:
I really like this combination. A nude lip gloss should be a staple in any woman's make up kit, in my opinion.

Let me know what you think,ayt?

Until then.
Peace and Love!

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