YSL Nail Polish in #39 Stormy Grey

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I couldn't fathom why lately I am exaggeratedly drawn to the color gray. But don't get me wrong, purple is still my favorite color ( and nothing will ever change that ). But really, gray is slowly marching its way up to my list of other favorite colors. I'm literally surrounded by this color; -from eye shadows, to my credit cards and even to the pillow cases lying around on my living room. I don't know. My brother even said it's kinda weird for me to love this color because I'm just that type of gal who prefers spring-y colors. You know, the brighter and more shocking, the better! :) But then again, change is better, right? Because it just makes life a little more diversified. 

So perhaps I need to stop all the rambling and show you gals my latest "Gray Lover". It's no other than YSL La Laque Long Lasting Nail Lacquer in number 39, also know as Stormy Grey from Fall 2009 (LE). I love the word "Stormy". I might name my new pup with that. :)

So any way, again enough of my rambling and let us proceed. This is Stormy Grey:

And when you uncap that shiny metal thing, it looks like this:
Stormy Grey is a medium dark-blue gray lacquer with hints of subtle and very fine, almost unnoticeable silver shimmers that actually do not show up when the lacquer dries on the nails. It is very opaque that I only need one coat to make my nails decently polished. The formulation is to die for. It's creamy enough to make application such a breeze. I also love that it literally dries very quickly (and when I said quickly, I meant in just a matter of seconds).
I also adore the brush. It is very precise and it helps me get the work done effortlessly. I get flawless application with very little clean up. Perhaps you need to see some swatches:

Here is a swatch on my arm:

(without flash)
(with flash)

And on my nails, I used two coats. No top coat added.
What do you think? Is this chic for you? Are you lemming for gray too or it's just me? Let me know, ayt?

Until then.

Peace and Love!

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