Mac Petals & Peacocks Lipstick

8:56 PM

My weakness - a pink lipstick. And I find that it is even harder to resist if that pink lipstick is of this magnitude. So here's the gorgeous packaging adorned with colorful flowers and adorable birds which gives this collection that spring-inspired look in my opinion.

Let these pictures do the talking!

Now onto the good stuff inside that tube!


This is Petals and Peacocks from MAC Give Me Liberty of London collection. This is a creamy, bright fuchsia with blue based lavender/pink undertones lipstick sealed in an amplified finish. This is definitely not for the faint of heart since this is one big bang of color.
It is a vibrant, gorgeous pink that does not give a yellow tinge to my teeth like some other pinks (say Pink Nouveau) tend to do.  I'm an NC20 and this lipstick brightens my face in one swipe.  I also love the formulation, - very moisturizing and it stays on pretty well. Even if I rub it off, it still leaves a nice pinkish tint on my lips.

Here are some swatches on my arm:

(natural lighting)
(with flash)

And here is how I rock this lipstick (grin). Just ignore my always messy hair :D

Does this lipstick rock?

Let me know. 

Until then.
Peace and Love!

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