Mac Radicchio Lipstick

12:09 AM

I did a swap with a fellow and equally gorgeous blogger days ago. And yep, as indicated on my title bar, I got Mac Raddichio lipstick. Am I happy with the swap? I'll tell you in a bit! :)

So here's Mac Raddichio lipstick.

Radicchio is a sheer deep rosey-plum that is definitely a lot prettier on my lips than on the tube in my opinion. It is part of Mac's Spring Colour 3 Forecast and sadly, is a limited edition.

On my lips, it appears as a pretty bright purplish red with a shimmer sheen;
- more of my-lips-but-better-and-more-purplish-red (if that makes sense) haha. It is a very pretty color and it complements my skin tone really well. It's also a lustre (my fave), yet the pigmentation is awesome. 

Here are some swatches:

(natural lighting)
(with flash)

 It only took me two swipes for the color to appear decently on my pigmented lips. My love affair for Raddichio may not be first love at first sight (tube wise), but this is such a keeper!

Here is a picture showing my bare lips:

and here are some of my pictures wearing Radicchio

(taken with flash)

So, am I happy with the swap? Definitely! This lippie rocks! Thanks again Cha! xoxo

That's all for now.

Peace and Love!

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