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Believe me, I had no intentions of buying another lipstick due to the fact that my lipstick collection has grown far more than what an average girl (like me) needs. Spending a minute or two each day just deciding on what lipstick to wear has becoming a bit of an issue for me. But because I was weak (and this lipstick is gorgeous), my harmless lurking at the Mac counter at Eastwood Mall ended up with a lippie purchase.  Meet my new fave pink lipstick - Mac Silly!

Silly is part of Mac Fashion Sets Collection and is unfortunately, limited edition. It is a matte bright blue-toned medium pink that albeit its vibrancy, is very much wearable. Against my Mac NC20 skin tone, Silly looks incredibly flattering. I could have it on all day without the fear of looking obnoxious like what most fluorescent pink lipsticks do.

Also, this lipstick lasts a long time because of its matte finish. It's so pigmented that even after it wears off completely, it manages to leave a bright stain on the lips. It doesn't bleed or migrate because of its finish. It's gorgeous whether worn on its own or topped with a gloss.

Overall, Silly is such a fun color to wear and looks absolutely gorgeous when paired with a neutral eye look and subtle pink cheeks. I love it so much and I would totally recommend it to anybody who's on the look for a statement lipstick. Despite being a matte, it doesn't dry out my lips. However, I still opt to put a lip balm underneath this lipstick because it could accentuate the lip lines after a few hours of wear.


Swatch comparison!

In comparison to Silly, Candy Yum-Yum is brighter and is more of a neon pink. Pink Pigeon is cooler and is a few tones darker. While Pink Nouveau has more purple undertones. 

And here's Silly in action!


Kiss Kiss,
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