Icons. Legends. Ray-Ban.

7:51 AM

A legend is not just found in novels and in explicit literature. An icon is not just seen in the movies or in museums. Everybody can create their own legends and stand up to be icons of every generation. 

I might be just a plain Jane to others, but in my own little way, I am crafting my own legend. I may not be catching bullets for my country, but through my profession, I save lives differently. I work as a registered nurse and I am proud to be one. Giving my utmost care for my patients is just the foreword of my own legend. 

There is no word to compare how seeing a man walk again, or a woman give birth to her first born feels. Just the thought that I helped one resurrect his soul and another survive her labor is beyond dreams. Being to be a part of someone's journey is definitely legendary.

So yes, with a proud heart, I can say that I am a legend in my own right. And I think everyone should aim to be one as well. I'm sure this planet will be a better place if everyone on it will be legendary.

And one awesome person that I have absolutely have high regards with (and who inspired me to write this post) is Mikki of www.breakmyspell.blogspot.com. That's why come 2012, I aspire to be like her; - true, fearless and never hides. 

Kiss Kiss,
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