NARS Pleasures of Paris Eye Shadow Palette (Douceurs de Paris)

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You guys have no idea how long I had this palette strutting on my wish list lane. So when I finally got it, I immediately pulled my brushes and started playing with it. And after a few strokes and effortless blending, I fell in love with this palette! Just like my other two Nars palettes (Essential Eye and Make Up Your Mind), this didn't disappoint me as well.

Description from Nars website: "A perfect amalgamation of delicate shadows, shimmering accents, and deep colors is brought to life in this breathtaking eye palette. Sweep lids with the earthy neutrals and floral hues of this enchanting collection. Dust the lavender and shimmering rose shades to brighten, and layer with a delicate pearl sheen for ultra femininity.  Build a color for a more dramatic effect with the attention grabbing indigo or invoke a sultry persona with the velvety cocoa."

Nars almost always throws a couple of neutral shades in his eye shadow palettes (which is a good thing, at least for me). But with the Pleasures of Paris eye shadow palette, he spiced it up a little bit by adding some purple hues and an almost-blackened brown to take the just-having-fun-in-the-park to rocking-at-a-party! For a neutral and purple fanatic like me, this palette is heaven's sent! So yeah, I am so into this! Just look at how gorgeous these shades are! 

First row (L-R): Nepal, Violetta, Demon Lover
Second row (L-R): Fez, Abyssinia, Cordura

  • Nepal - described as "soft sheer rose". This is a nice shimmery champagne pink shadow that I use all over my lids. I like how it brightens my lids in a swipe.

  • Violetta - described as "smoky lavender" is an excellent transition color when I do purples. It's not as pigmented as it looks on the pan, but it works absolutely great for me. Love it's buttery texture as well!

  • Demon Lover - described as "an iridescent storm blue" that I love putting on my crease to shake a little bit of my "neutral territory". Over a base, it transforms into a great smokey-eye-material shade as well!

  • Fez - described as "velvelty cocoa". This shade reminds me a lot of Mac Sable e/s. It's a nice warm wash of color on the lids. It's that type of color that I'm sure will get so many uses from me.

  • Abyssinia - described as "delicate pearl sheen" and is one of my all time brow highlight shade. It's brightening, without being over the top (aka: too shimmery).

  • Corduradescribed as "shimmering sooty dark". The key shade in this palette that will take your make up from day to night in an instant!


(L-R): Nepal, Violetta, Demon Lover, Fez, Abyssinia, Cordura

Nars Pleasures of Paris palette (Douceurs de Paris) retails for US $55/Php3200. It was released as a limited item ages ago, but I'm not sure if it's already permanent since I see it popping on the Nars website every now and then. However, our local Nars counters don't have it anymore (sold out!). But who knows, right? It's still available on the Nars website, so hopefully our local Nars counters will restock on this beauty asap. :)


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