Hooray For Carmex Lipbalms!

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If I would write a list of the beauty items that I would never get tired of repurchasing, Carmex lip balms will definitely top that list! I remember reading a lot of hypes about the brand years ago, and when I finally tried it on for the first time, I was completely blown away! You see, my huge love for lipsticks and my impeccable dry lips don't always go hand in hand, so I am always in need of a remedy to keep my puckers in their pristine juicy condition (aka: matte lipstick ready!). And in this battle, Carmex moisturizing lipbalms never let me down! 

Some fun facts: Suffering from dry, chapped lips, Alfred Woelbing invented Carmex lip balm in the USA in the early 1930s. The mixture was carefully hand poured into small glass jars which Alfred would sell to pharmacists from the boot of his car. Now available with sunscreen, Carmex comes in squeeze tubes and click sticks - as well as in Alfred's original little jar. The Woelbing family still runs the business today! Carmex products are tested on family members - not on animals.

Oh yes, the squeeze tube one is my favorite and is the one that started my love affair with the brand. I'll be honest. The original flavor is not the best tasting lip balm in the world but it's not that bad as well. You will get used to it, I promise! If you have been reading my blog for quite awhile now, you'd probably know how many times this little guy appeared on my monthly favorites. There was a phase where I used this every single day of my life; - as part of my morning routine and before going to bed. Waking up with soft, moisturized lips is ecstatic, you know? In short, I can't live without this! So despite travelling miles to get to the nearest PCX store (it was the only place where I could get hold of Carmex lip balms before), that didn't discourage me in patronizing the brand. By the way, I love the click stick and the pot form too!

So imagine how I reacted when Carmex lip balms started to be widely available elsewhere (ex: Landmark, Watsons, etc). I felt like a kid living next door with a candy shop. And to make things even better, Carmex came up with cherry and strawberry flavored lip balms! Yum! :)

So if it still not yet obvious, I am a HUGE Carmex fan. Dig into my purse or in my make up bin anytime and you will always find Carmex lip balm/s sitting and being well loved. On that note, I highly recommend Carmex lipbalms! They are accessible, reasonably-priced and best of all, they work! So kiss dry, chapped lips goodbye and yell hooray for Carmex lip balms!


Kiss Kiss,
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