Cheap Make Up Brushes at Landmark, Trinoma

6:11 PM

If you are on a budget, a make up novice or if you are a 100% spot on brush junkie, heads up because I found a cheap make up brush haven for you all.

Tadah, tons of make up brushes at Landmark, Trinoma!

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You can perhaps find all kinds of brushes here (with price point as low as Php69)! Testers are also available on display so you can play around and feel the bristles on your skin. I would love to browse more and take them all, but my ride arrived early so I ended up getting only this cute kabuki brush in the meantime. 

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Pretty, right? And once you spot the price tag, the story gets even prettier! Why? Because this beauty retails for Php129.75 ($3) only! But here comes the best part; - Landmark has this ongoing 10% discount until the end of the month which brought its price tag lower to Php116.77! Crazy deal, right? And on that note, this is definitely the cheapest kabuki brush that I came across with (and own). Even the Suesh mini kabuki brush that I have retailed for Php250 (which is horrible, by the way)! Below is a quick size comparison between this Kabuki brush and Sigma Miss Taylor Kabuki brush.

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See, it has a pretty decent size!

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It looks similar to The Body Shop's kabuki brush but this is a little bit bigger and less denser. Despite its very affordable price point, I'd say that this is such a decent brush. I love that it's cheap, but it doesn't feel nor look cheap (at least for me). The bristles (synthetic/nylon) are really soft and it does a really nice job in applying my setting or finishing powder. I washed it once with baby shampoo and I'm happy to report that it did not shed nor bleed a bit. 

The only downside is that it smelled a bit weird when I first got it (perhaps due to the adhesive/glue used). When I washed it with baby shampoo, that weird scent faded a bit. I'm not sure if that scent will completely go away in the future, but if it doesn't, for its price tag, I can stop complaining. :)

So do I recommend this kabuki brush? Hell, yes! As a matter of fact, I'll be purchasing another one soon!

So on your next trip to Landmark (ground floor), Trinoma, keep your eyes peeled for this cute kabuki brush (housed in a plastic tube container)!

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Touch it and I bet you will love it too!

Thoughts? Let me know, ayt? 

Also, if you already purchased one of these brushes from Landmark,Trinoma comment below with the particular brushes that you got and how they worked for you. I would love to read all your recommendations for my next cheap make up brushes haul! 

PS: Sorry, I don't know if these brushes are available at Landmark, Makati.

Until then.

Peace and Love!

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