My Forever21 Haul

11:06 PM

Yup, I went to SM Megamall's 3-Day Crazy Sale yesterday with one main goal in mind; -to shop at Forever21 Sale. I got there at around 3:00pm (spent almost half an hour looking for parking, so frustrating!) which was perhaps the reason why I had a hard time looking for pieces which fall under three categories; - girly, small (my size) and 50% off (I don't like buying regular items during these times because I think I will miss the point of the word SALE). I'd loved to haul a bit more, but too bad the sale selection was already limited (read:not my type or not in my size).

Any way, amidst the huge crowd and long queue, I still managed to score five items. Here are the pieces that I happily brought home. I got everything at 50% off. :)

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Knee length dress with rust, purple and brown prints (reduced to Php397.50). I plan to accessorize this with loads of layered necklaces and bangles!

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Short length dress with black, green and red prints (reduced to Php562.50). Its colorful prints will definitely spice up my boring black blazer.

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Short length dress with grey, royal blue and black combination (reduced to Php347.50). The armholes are a bit big for me, so I will definitely dress this up with a camisole underneath. 

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Short jumpsuit/romper with low neckline and cut out back (reduced to Php482.50). This is a bit daring, so to bare less skin I will wear this with a bandeau underneath. 

And lastly, I think a Forever21 haul will not be complete without getting some accessories (since they were on sale too). And on that note, I grabbed this dainty silver overlap necklace with plastic clear crystal-like beads (reduced to Php152.50).
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Total damage: only Php1942.50. Not bad (since often than not, I spend more than that for just one dress)It was my first time to go to a Forever21 sale (since even their regular items are quite inexpensive already) but after seeing my receipt, oh boy as early as now, I am already looking forward for their next sale!

So that's everything dolls!

PS: After the shopping spree, Mr. Boyfriend and I dined at Papa John's (yes, they already have a branch at SM Megamall). After that we watched the last full show of Real Steel (the movie was amazing, go watch it!). So despite the heavy traffic, jam packed parking and huge number of shoppers, I'd say that I still had an amazing night. 

How about you? Did you go to the sale too? What pieces did you buy? Let me know, ayt?

Until the next haul.

Peace and Love!

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