Fanny Serrano Long-Wear Gel Liner in Black (Reformulated)

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I love how liners create that drama and smokiness to any eye look. One sweep and it can transform naive to fierce, shy to daring and boring to smoking hot! Liners give depth and definition to the eyes. I know a long list of women who will not live without a black eye liner in their make up regimen (it's like lipbalm on my part) and I totally understand why. I don't wear liners that much, but I totally enjoy drawing that extra wing once in a while. And every time that "once in a while" opportunity comes, I always rock it with.. - Fanny Serrano Long-Wear Gel Liner in Black (Php225).

Pictures after the jump!

Why? Because of these key points!

Locally available
Relatively cheap compared to other brands.
The texture is creamy which facilitates easier application.
Lasts a really long time on the upper lids.
It doesn't transfer, flake or budge on my upper lids. 
It does not dry out easily. 

However, here are some low points!

On my water line and lower lash line, it flakes big time and it is extremely difficult to remove. Warm water and facial wash will not be enough to take it off. Don't use it if you do not have a good eye make up remover (I use Nars Eye Make Up Remover).

And here's Fanny Serrano Long-Wear Gel Liner in action!
Now, how do I apply my gel liner?

After priming my lids with an eye shadow base, I take my Sigma E05 brush and grab a tiny bit of the gel liner. After that, I flip my pot down or cover it immediately to prevent premature drying. I also turn my fan/ac off for the same reason as stated above. (If you have almost dried out gel liners, you can resurrect them by adding a few eye drops (like Visine) on the pot.) And then I start on the middle part of my lid and using short and steady strokes, I move my way onto the outer corner of my eye. And once I'm satisfied with the line, I set it with a black powder eye shadow to enhance its lasting power. 

How about you? Do you use gel liners too? Share your thoughts below!

Until then.

Peace and Love!

PS: For a video tutorial on how to rock gel liner application, see xsparkage video HERE. She is one of my favorite YouTube gurus! :)

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