The One Thing I Am Most Thankful For

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The One Thing I Am Most Thankful For? - Our Love Story
I believe in fairy tales. I may sound like a nincompoop just by stating that, but I don't really care. It's my belief that helps me see life in a brighter perspective and perhaps, helps in keeping my sanity intact. It took me a while to realize that I am indeed a hopeless romantic. I don't see anything wrong with that. But at times, I see people struggling to find their own fairy tales and fighting hard to make them end with a happily ever after. Then I realized that love is as complex as the universe and finding my one-true-love will definitely be not as easy as 1-2-3.

I had a lot of plans before. I mapped my life the way I would like it to be. But life played silly games on me. Until one day, I woke up with a confused mind and a heavy heart.

I always say that things happen for certain reasons. There are no accidents. Things happen to connect us with our destinies. Well, that is just my opinion. After every heartbreak, I always say this to myself. It is like my local anesthesia every time my heart needs to be sutured. 

Because of the change of plans in my life, I decided to work for an industry that is too way different from my degree.  I  was a fresh graduate during that time. I was young, confused and extremely sad.

Love wounded me three times. I thought I could no longer recover. I kept asking what the hell was wrong with me. I never found the answers. That day, I decided to just stop. My heart and soul needed a break...- badly.
I got a new job. I earned new friends from that company. I can still remember saying my story to a co-worker. I told her my quest to never ever look for love anymore. Not knowing that seated right behind me is the man that I have been waiting for a long time..-my fairy tale. Really, love moves in mysterious ways...

It started with a genuine friendship. He was my best friend. He helped me stayed focus during our training. He was always there for me. He was my constant companion, my savior and now, my forever.

I was so shocked when he told his feelings for me. I felt betrayed. At one point, I thought he took advantage of our friendship. We were so close that every time another suitor comes to my desk, he will come to rescue me from such awkward moments. I decided to say NO. Right after saying that, I felt wrong. He decided to stay away from me. He was hurt. I could tell it from his behavior towards me. And from the deepest portion of my heart, I know I was hurt too. I missed him soo much. 

He stopped talking to me. It kinda felt different without him. Perhaps, I also love him. I wasn't just aware. I was looking at my monitor when I prayed to God. I asked HIM to give me a sign. And few moments after that, he went to my desk and asked me to go to lunch with him. I felt that was the sign I was waiting for. So I said YES. We remained good friends. We took whatever we have step-by-step. 

I said YES for the second time on December 8, 2004. This time, he did not ask me to come to lunch with him. This time, he asked me to be his girlfriend. And yes, I said YES! It was the best decision that I have done in my entire life. 

That was almost 6 years ago. We are still happy being together. We hardly fight because we always compromise. Now, I could honestly tell that fairy tales do come true. He is the prince in my own fairy tale. And no villain will ever put us apart. My life did not happen the way I wanted it to be. But because I took a different path, I was able to meet him. I lost my dream, but I found my happiness. That alone makes me still smile at the end of every day. And that is one thing that I would always be thankful for..

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Until then.
Peace and Love!

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