My MAC Venomous Villains Lipsticks Haul!

5:30 PM

My mini MAC Venomous Villains lipsticks haul! :)

Before digging into the good stuff, let me just vent for awhile, ayt? I just can't believe that I woke up early, dragged my oh-so loving bf to Shangri la and bribed him a lovely lunch, waited patiently in front of the entrance door and ran towards the Mac counter as soon as I saw the "OPEN" sign. All these for the love of make up! Crazy? Perhaps. But what I'm completely positive is that that day, I saw chaos of women (some with clueless bfs) searching inside that magical drawer where all the stocks were and trying to get their hands on their must have items. Indeed, I'm not the only person willing to do sacrifices, lol. 

By the way, I also took some pictures of the display racks.

Unfortunately, I still left the counter with nothing on my "extremely desired" list.  I just want to go home with Toxic Tale lipstick and Bite of an Apple blush but it was a wish that did not come true that day. I even tweeted about how a blush and a lipstick broke my heart right after the event. But of course, despite the heavy heart, I did not just walk away. I grabbed these (the last ones in the stack):

And then Dina of GT decided to sell her Toxic Tale lipstick and perhaps destiny also applies with make up because days after I texted her, we met up at Recipes Cafe at Shangri La and she sold it to me. :)

If you are all curious if I got the Bite of an Apple blush, nada. But it's okay. I guess it's more easy to recover from a broken heart inflicted by a blush that by a man, lol. 

So that's my story and my small mac haul. Thoughts? Mutual experiences? Let me know, ayt? 

Until the next (crazy) Mac collection!

Peace and Love!

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