Nars Habanera Eye Shadow Duo

5:02 PM

The story: I almost did not get it. But I'm glad I did. Perhaps, we are really meant to be; - just like destiny. Hmm..sounds so poetic, don't yah think? Haha. Well, enough of all my nonsense and enter the latest addition to my Nars family, - the Habanera eye shadow duo (retails for $32/Php1750).

Some snapshots:

(without flash)

(with flash)

Described as "mint frost and sparkling charcoal plum", this is a very unexpected combination. The color on the left is a very pretty shimmery, silvery minty green that is highly pigmented and so buttery soft and silky. The color on your right is a shimmery charcoal-ish purple with specks of silver. I love wearing the green as the lid colour, and the charcoal plum colour in the crease. I surely adore its very silky finish yet subtle sheen and sparkle. That makes this duo a nice daytime look that can also carry into an evening look with the right intensity. This is such a keeper! :)

Here are some swatches:

What do you think about this duo? Let me know, ayt?

Peace and Love!

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