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10:51 PM

Yup, I also ventured into NARSkin and I must say that it is one of the best line of skincare that ever touched my combination/sensitive skin. 

According to Nars, there are three steps in order to achieve that perfect-looking skin. The first step is to cleanse, second is to refine, and the last step is to moisturize.

This is what I use to clean my face: The Balancing Foam Cleanser 
 A velvety, non-drying foam cleanser designed to effectively remove makeup and surface impurities while retaining essential moisture in the skin. Calming botanicals and gentle emollients help calm and soothe the skin leaving the complexion feeling soft, balanced and refreshed.

Recommended for: 
Active, combination and normal skin types or anyone who experiences break outs.

Product Benefits include:
Deep cleans
Removes make up
Help retains skin moisture

My Say:
I love its creamy soft foam that takes off EVERY bit of my makeup, its pretty orange-y scent, and how it leaves my skin super clean but not tight.
It lathers so nicely, that I only need a small amount to get the most luxurious velvety foam experience for my entire face.
The packaging is sleek and extremely heavy but still,
I love it to bits!

Net Wt. 4.4 Oz. 125mL /Retails for Php1850 (US $35)

And to refine my face, I use: The Balancing Toning Lotion
A dual-purpose toning lotion that helps maintain balance in the skin while promoting moisture. Helps remove excess sebum while the addition of natural botanicals help condition and soothe the skin resulting in a healthy, polished complexion.

Recommended for:
Active, combination and normal skin types and spot treatment for blemishes

Product Benefits include: 
Softens skin to enhance moisturizer performance
Tightens pores
Removes excess sebum
Helps control oil and breakouts

My Say:
This is a wonderful product. It really does feel very fresh on my skin and works well in getting rid of any impurities. This is an alcohol-based but it doesn't dry me out, and I haven't had any adverse reactions. I read that they have included some form of emollient in this lotion in order to balance out any drying occurring from the alcohol.

6.7 Fl. Oz. 200mL/Retails for Php1850 (US $35)

And lastly, what I use to moisturize every night: The Balancing Moisture Lotion
A lightweight moisturizing lotion that helps improve skin’s texture while combating free radicals. Active Phytoseed Complex adds moisture to protect against dryness, while effective antioxidants help fight external aggressors for supple, luminous, even-toned skin. The addition of fennel provides re-texturizing properties, while soothing natural botanicals allow skin to renew itself for a softer, smoother, younger-looking appearance.
Recommended for:
Active, combination and normal skin types

Product Benefits include:
Helps improve skin's texture
Promotes even-toned, luminous skin

My Say:
This moisturizes my skin in a manner that exceeded my expectations. It is a bit runny but it is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it soft and supple. It hydrates my skin perfectly without that greasy feeling. I also need just one pump  to cover my entire face. So I'm sure this bottle will last me a long, long time. The only drawback I have for all the things I mentioned above is the packaging. I know, they look sleek and chic at the same time. But they are quite heavy and the white parts attract dirt like no other. But other than that, 
I love how they make my skin better, one wash at a time! :)

2.5 Fl. Oz. 75 mL/Retails for Php2750 (US $55) 

That's all for now my dolls.

Peace and Love!

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