From An Online Sister: Nars Bysance

2:21 AM

Purple is my all-time favorite color. I love owning anything under this color scheme. So when I spotted this baby on Lelila's make up collection post on GirlTalk, I drooled over it like nobody's business. I felt my excitement rushing while I was amusingly hovering my mouse over its photo. Gee, no doubt, I was in love with it spot on (talk about "love at first sight", make-up style!)! I sent her a personal message telling her how I adore this shadow duo and to my surprise, she said that she would give it to me for free (I didn't even asked for it)! I almost died when I read her message! Thanks again sister! *hugs*

Enter the present inanimate source of my joy;- Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Bysance (in a tester packaging).

Bysance is a lovely combination of shimmering Marigold (left) and Iridescent Iris (right). This is quite a peculiar combination, but nonetheless, this duo is stunning! Both shades are buttery soft, well pigmented and they blend effortlessly. These shadows work well together as well. It's like they were matched in make-up heaven! So yes, I am totally head-over-heels with these shadows! 

Here are some swatches: (without base, one swipe only)

Gorgeous colors, right? I can't wait to play more with these shades! 


Peace and Love!

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