Mac Lip Erase in Dim

10:05 PM

Don't worry, this product will not literally erase your lips. It will just help neutralize the color of the lips in order to let the true beauty of you lip product shine. I have pigmented lips. This is my primary reason why most of the time, I shy away from sheer lipsticks. They don't show up quite well on me and I hate it. I want to see colors, and not just pure shine all over my lips. These reasons made me decide to get this product.
This is the Mac Lip Erase lip balm in DIM from the D-Squared collection that was released last year. I love that it does a great job in neutralizing my lips. I also love the fact that this pot will need me a lifetime to finish. However, I find that this product is too drying (which should not be the case because it is stated that it is also a lipbalm) and has that tendency to mix up with my lipstick color.  It can also be very difficult to get a lipstick over this product because it has a waxy quality and lipsticks slide off as you try to apply them over the top

So bottom line, I was not completely wowed  by this product. I think I'm good with my old-fashioned concealer. And I thank Sis Khymm for adopting this baby.


Peace and Love!

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