My Nars Blushes

8:34 PM

I love blushes! I heart them. I have fair skin (NC20) and I love playing colors on my face in order to brighten it up and remove any trace of paleness on my skin. If I have to choose only one make up product that  I would keep, it will definitely be a blush! Now, that is what I call true love. :)

Well, my love story with Nars blushes started when I attended their workshop in Shangri La Mall. I am not a pro on make up that is why all the tips that I picked from the said workshop were all immaculate. I must say that I am still a novice with make up application. I am so thankful to the Nars people for being patient with me during the workshop. They were all helpful (Pam, Lara and Robie). I also met some GT sisters during the workshop. (Sol, Myra and Bam) It was a fun experience and we all went fabulous after the workshop. I went home with a Nars Mata Hari and a Velvet Matte Pencil Set. I also received fabulous freebies from Lara. And from that moment, I said to myself that I will be loyal to this brand. I actually love Nars more than Mac. I personally think that Nars products are superior to Mac. 

By the way, let me introduce to you gals my favorite MUA from Nars Shangri la. Lara :)
(That's Me with Lara @ the Nars Counter)

The workshop was held last Sept 2, 2009. Today is only Oct 27, 2009 and I already have 8 Nars blushes. :) OMG! 

L-R (Mata Hari, Super Orgasm, Orgasm)
Bottom (Torrid - GWP)

L-R (Deep Throat, Gina, Taos, Sertao)

That's all for now.

Peace and Love!

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