The First Baby

6:30 PM

Delivering a baby is definitely for the brave hearts. This is not a simple procedure. Unexpected things might happen that may jeopardize the life of the mother and of her baby as well. That is why when I volunteered to be the first one in our group to handle the delivery, I was anxious and excited at the same time. This was a new experience for me. I watched several live deliveries before. But I never had the chance to do the actual delivery on my own. My heart was pounding as I wait for my first patient.

My group was assigned at the Batasan Hills Lying Inn in Quezon City. We will service there until November 15 of this year. Our shift is every 6am to 2pm until further notice. We started the day with a short orientation and was asked to change immediately. We are all in our scrubs waiting for our patients.

That is me in my scrubs :)

Around 8:15 am, my first patient came. I assisted her and checked her condition. She will be delivering her third baby. Around 8:30 am, we were able to deliver her baby safely. It was a girl. :) We were so busy attending to her that we were not able to took a picture of the actual delivery. But nonetheless, it was very fulfilling. The tension is high but the feeling that lingers after wards is undeniably priceless. :)

So here she is, a very cute baby girl. She is not just an ordinary baby in my eyes. She is extra special because she was the first baby on my delivery table. I was told that her mom will name her Shaira. So, I present to you, Baby Shaira. :)


Peace and Love!

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