My Korean Skin Care Haul From Althea (Missha, Son & Park, Innisfree & Laneige)

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If you've been reading my posts recently, you'd already know that I'm seriously hooked into #Kbeauty (and #Kdrama). I just couldn't help it. You see, for a girl like me cursed with a direful sensitive skin, finding products that work on my skin without causing a massive break out is something that's hard to come by. But things went sweeter when I decided to dip my fingers into  Korean skin care. Lets just say that my skin reacts beautifully with products from the Land of the Morning Calm. #PraiseGod

Well, it doesn't help that one of my favorite online shops to get my Korean skin care fix, - Althea, posts crazy deals all the time. And those crazy deals led to the situation below!

If you're not yet familiar with Althea, they are situated in Korea and they carry a wide variety of guaranteed authentic Korean skin care and make up products. Althea also deliver your orders straight at your doorstep. No need to drive yourself to your local post office or worry about additional tax duties. They also offer free shipping for purchases Php995 and above.

They had a Buy4 Get 1 Free (site wide) deal recently, which was an opportunity that I declined to pass up. Hence, I present y'all with this haul post (wink!). The offer was that for every purchase of 4 products, you get the cheapest product from the 4 for free.

So yeah, I placed my first order last May 2 and then days after day, they released gift sets for Mother's day so I placed another order and that was May 4. I got my first order last May 12, and then my second order came last May 19. There was a slight delay with the shipping because of the recent Korean Holidays. But with my previous orders, I received them just after 4-5 days.

Lets start with the things I bought for myself.  My Mamonde Rose Water toner is almost empty so I decided to get a new toner. I like the Mamonde Rose Water toner, but I don't love it that much for me to repurchase it. It is a great hydrating toner but what pushed me not repurchase it, is the rose scent. I know a lot of people love that scent, but not me. 

So I decided to get the Son & Park Beauty Water 340ml (Php1,269). This has been on my to-purchase-at-Olive-Young list for quite a long time already ever since I saw Joan Kim raving about it years ago.

 I used this thrice already, but I'm still on the fence about it. Well, I used it to remove my eye make up and oh boy, it stung my eyes. Apparently, it should not be used on the eye area, so yeah, that was on me. I also had a slight irritation on my skin but I'm not yet sure if this was the culprit because I was testing 3 new products (2 Korean and 1 Local) when that mishap happened. So hold your horses credit cards dolls, I'll update y'all with my final say about this highly raved product.

Next is sunblock. The scorching weather here in Manila has reached its pernicious level (39-40℃). It's so hot that not wearing a sunscreen is like committing a mortal sin to your skin. So that pushed me to add a proper sunblock (read:high SPF) yet still light enough for everyday use in my cart. I was initially eyeing the IOPE one for sensitive skin, but it has low SPF + high price tag. So I checked the recommendations on Youtube (because next to Google, that is one place where all your questions would be answered) and most of the girls that I adore on YT professed their love for this Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream SPF50 PA+++ (Php680). I love Innisfree in general, so I got swayed instantly.

Then I remember that I already ran out of my samples of the Iope Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning. I love that stuff and I would gladly purchase a full size bottle in a heart beat. But I just like to see for myself if Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence (Php1,520) is really worth the hype from the beauty community. It is said to be a great dupe for the infamous SK-II Essence.

I already started incorporating this to my everyday skin care routine and so far, so good. I use this twice a day - in the morning and before hitting the bed. I know it's still too early for me to see jaw-dropping effects of this essence on my skin but just the fact that this didn't break me out made this remarkable in my beauty world. Will keep you dolls posted about this!

Now my get-1-for-free is this Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam (Php620). HonestlyI just chose something close to the price of the cheapest item in my cart because I' think that is the smart thing to do. Got to make sure that I get to save as much money that I could on the deal, right? And since I go through facial cleansers like nobody's business, I just searched through all the cleansers on Althea's site and this one from Laneige fitted the price range and tickled my fancy too.

Now for Mother's day, I decided to try to convert my mom and my mother-in-law to #Kbeauty as well so I placed another order on Althea. I love Innisfree so I got these for them.

My mom already has an extensive skin care routine (from her derma), but I don't think I've seen her use an eye cream before. So I got this Innisfree Green Tea Eye Cream (Php1,070) for her.

 I haven't tried this variant personally, but I adore the Innisfree Orchid Eye Cream (the purple one) to pieces. It's what I'm currently using! Unfortunately, Althea does't carry the Orchid Eye Cream. Hopefully this Innisfree Green Tea Eye Cream will not fall below the bar. #FingersCrossed

Now for my mother-in-law, I chose this Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin Care Set (Php1250). The set contains (1) full size and (1) travel size skin/toner, (1) full size and (1) travel size emulsion/lotion and (1) travel size moisturizer. 

 Unfortunately, the package didn't arrive on Mother's day but no biggie. Better late than never, right? :)

And that completes my Korean skin care haul from Althea! Well, I actually placed another order from the site so you might see another haul post popping on my blog any time soon.

How about you? Have you tried placing an order from Althea? Let me know the products that you got in the comments below, ayt? I'm always looking for recommendations!

For those who would like to try Althea, click HERE to get Php350 credits so you can start shopping for Kbeauty. Also, make sure to shop via too to get additional rebates!

Kiss Kiss,
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