Awesome Kitchen Finds At Miniso Japan

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Now that I'm married (tied the knot last December), my priorities definitely changed gears. I find myself (happily) spending hours in the home section, looking for bits and bods for our new abode. I stopped buying make up brushes and instead, I'm slowly growing my kitchen utensils collection. 

And don't get me started with my Youtube playlist. Instead of binge watching beauty gurus, I'm currently subscribed to various cooking channels with the hope of stumbling into a rave-worthy recipe every now and then.

Now don't get me wrong. I ain't complaining. I'm really happy. I'm blessed to have the most wonderful husband in the entire universe.  

It's just that I remember being ecstatic every time I catch a glimpse of a new make up store. Now, I see a shop that carries home-related stuff and next thing you know, I'm already inside that store with a basket at the crook of my arm. This is precisely what happened when I saw the Miniso shop at Glorietta days ago.

The shop was compact and quite crowded when I went in. I was initially just browsing, but when I saw how relatively cheap their products are, I got swayed in buying things for our house.

Here are some of the things that I bought.

I've used all the things that I got from Miniso already and I must say that I'm happy with everything that I got. I love scoring awesome things that are of high quality, without breaking the bank.

I'm still a novice in home making. It's a phase in my life that I have looked forward to for the longest time and I must say, I'm really in a happy place (I have the most loving husband). Despite being petrified (at times) with the responsibilities attached to the title - Mrs., I'm still pushing myself while trying to just enjoy the ride.

So if ever you picked up anything from Miniso that you think will help a novice wife like me, hit me up in the comments section below. I would really appreciate all the help that I could get! :)


Kiss Kiss,
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