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My love affair with The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum started when I received a handful of samples of this product when I went to Myeongdong in Korea a few years back. Korean skin care was still new to me at that time, so I had zero expectations when I first applied this on my skin. Basically, I just took a major leap of faith (to K-beauty) that this will not aggravate my annoyingly sensitive skin. 

Well, it didn't (thank God). But more importantly, I witnessed a major difference with my skin when I started to incorporate this to my routine. I was so amused by the results that I purchased a full-sized bottle without blinking twice when my (very generous) samples finally ran out.

Product description: "This first-step anti-aging serum contains a blend of French Sea Water and natural Essential Oils.  This first-step anti-aging serum has many benefits, including intense hydration, gentle exfoliation as well as anti-aging and boosting effects. Containing a blend of Essential Oils, this first-step serum shimmers like crystal particles. Instead of being rapidly mixed, the ingredients are slowly added by hand and stabilized into natural polymers to help better deliver the nourishing ingredients."

Yup, just reading that description assured me that I did my skin a major favor by trying this product out. It also didn't hurt that this comes in a splendid frosted pump glass bottle, allowing me to dispense the product with ease every time. After cleansing, toning and applying my essence, I pat two pumps of this first serum directly on my face and then I apply the rest of my 10-step Korean skin care routine.

I adore the light, essence-like fluid consistency of this serum. It is a little bit more viscous than water or typical toners, but not too slimy like traditional serums. It sinks in no time into the skin and leaves it feeling silky soft and hydrated. Needless to say, this really helped my skin achieve its top-notched condition (read:radiant and zit-free). Plus, this smells amazing too!

Also, it came with a box of The Therapy Green Tea Cotton Pads which are described as 100% cotton pads with fine jade particles that act as a mild exfoliant. So on days/nights that I'm slacking with my skin care routine, I skip my face scrub and just saturate one pad with the serum and gently rub it on the areas on my face (i.e sides of my nose, mouth corners) that needs a little bit of exfoliation. 

I have also been told by the beauty attendant from The Face Shop that it is a toner/serum hybrid which means that if I opt to, I can ditch toning and just apply this right after cleansing. Hmm.. I enjoy toning separately so nah, I don't skip that step. But whatever floats your boat, right?

Over all, I love this product so much that I will probably repurchase this over and over again. I'm also eyeing on the other products in this line so if you have recommendations, feel free to give me a shout out on the comments below.

The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum  (130ml) retails for Php1650 and is available at The Face Shop stores nationwide. 


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