My Japan Make Up and Skin Care HAUL!

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I recently went to a very short trip (2 days) to Osaka and despite the very limited time I had there, I was still able to squeeze in a little bit of beauty shopping. To be honest, compared to Kbeauty, I don't have an en exquisite knowledge about Japan beauty products. I know the big brands like RMK, Shiseido, Kanebo, SK-II, and Shu Uemura to name a few but I was really overwhelmed with their drugstore brands. I just knew I wanted to buy a mascara and a brown liner because my beloved Dolly Wink pen liner is starting to dry up already. So without prior research, I started adding stuff in my shopping basket (at 2am). Scroll down to see everything that I got!

I arrived at past 10pm and since I stayed at Star Gate Hotel near the Kansai Airport, there were establishments which were open 24/7. I had a sumptuous meal at Joyfull and then I went to Super Center Trial which is a 24-hour grocery store (think like S&R).

Inside the store!

Many say that when in Japan, buying a mascara is a must! Japanese mascaras are hailed as  one of the best in the beauty world. The only downside is their reputation of being a pain in the ass to remove. The store had a wide selection of different mascaras. I picked three and luckily when I went back to my hotel and googled them, they were all listed as must-haves!

1. Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Super Film in 01 (Black) 

2. Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara Super Water Proof in 01 (Black) for1080/Php483

3. Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara in BK999 (Black) for 1296/Php580

Next is the liquid eye liner. I don't really wear eye liner that often, but when I do, I mostly sticky to brown for a more natural look. After swatching my heart out (hence the dirty hands in the pics), I finally picked the Creer Beaute La Rose de Versailler Liquid Eyeliner for 1296/Php580. I liked that it is an intense brown and that it didn't bulge even after rubbing it with all the strength left in me at 2am.

Then, I saw the KAO Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask again (which I first spotted last February when I was in Tokyo). This product intrigued me because when I was lining up, a ton of Chinese women were buying these in bulk. So I picked up a box with just 5 eye masks inside for 498/Php223 just to try it out. #GayaGayaLang

Then, I passed by an aisle with various Japanese facial sheet masks on display. I know I have a ton of Korean sheet masks sitting inside my vanity drawer waiting to be used, but I just thought trying one from Japan would not hurt. So I got this Lululun (7 sheets) for 324/Php145 because the packaging was so damn cute. This comes in two other colors too (purple and white), but I just got the pink one for no apparent reason. I read that this mask is designed to be used every single day. It turned out that this is one of best masks from Japan. Lucky me! Tell you what, I'll use these for 7 days straight and then I'll do a blog post about it so keep your eyes peeled.

I also spotted this Shiseido Sebum & Oil Blotting Paper (90pcs) for 380/Php170.
They have this in a pink and in a blue one too. They were pretty cheap so I decided to pick one. I always keep a pack inside my purse for touch ups and I'm already half way through my Clean&Clear ones so this would replace them once they're done.

Then, I looked for the Excel Brow Mascara because I remember Sunnydahye was raving about them. Unfortunately they only have the lightest color available. So I swatched the other brow mascaras from various brands but most of them were glittery. Then I saw this Kate 3D Eyebrow Color in BR-1 (918/Php411) which is similar to my hair color (and not sparkly) so I got it.

Next, hair products. I have been using the Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist shampoo and conditioner for years now and I always stock up on those every time my husband flies to Japan. Unfortunately, they changed the scent to a more floral one (with the Camellia flower sticker on the packaging instead of W) which is definitely not my cup of tea. Needless to say, I was on the hunt for a new Japanese shampoo and conditioner. I spotted these and decided I'll give them a spin. I just got the refills  because I had limited luggage space and they were also way cheaper.

1. Essential Auto Smooth Technology Shampoo and Conditioner bundle (629/Php282)

2. Diane Extra Moist Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment (665/Php298)

3. Diane Extra Damage Repair Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment (665/Php298)

And because I have scoliosis, I suffer from back pains every now and then. So every time I'm in Japan, I hoard Salonpas. Very tita I know, haha. Particularly the Air Salonpas Jet Spray because it's an aerosol which allows me to apply product on hard to reach areas (read:my back) with so much ease.

For my mom, I got her the Meiji Amino Collagen Powder Drink (1999/Php894) which she swears by and the COW Beauty Soap Pack of 3 (285/Php128) which was recommended to her by a friend.

And that's everything beauty-related that I got. I did not get a ton but I might go back to Japan before the year ends so if you have recommendations, feel free to comment them below.

Also, I noticed that the prices are much cheaper at the drugstores located along the Dotonbori street. So next time, I'll make sure to buy there instead.

As always, thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the week!

Kiss Kiss,
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