My L'Oreal Extenso Steam Bond Experience at Jesi Mendez Salon Trinoma

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I have naturally wavy hair and every once a year, I have my hair rebonded. Believe me, I tried to embrace my natural waves but my curls are just quite tedious to style. Blessed are those girls who always look like they just walked straight out of a salon. Sadly for me, that's not the case. To subdue my buhaghag hair, I need patience, funds and the help of hair professionals.

So it was that time of the year again. Bumalik na ang sumpa! To tame my tresses, my first choice is always steam bonding. I just adore how this transforms my hair without looking broomstick straight. I've done this thrice already; - one was at Bench Fix Glorietta (when it was first launched) and twice at Regine's Salon Makati (via Dealgrocer). 

Steam bond is quite pricey that's why I'm always on the look out for deals. I saw one on Dealgrocer and I was thinking of getting that. But when, I learned that Jesi Mendez was having a 50% off promo at their newly opened branch at Trinoma, I scratched that idea of.

Initially, I went inside Jesi Mendez Salon to ask about their cut+color promo on Dealgrocer. Then, I mentioned to their very kind head hairdresser that I have plans of having my hair rebonded too and I was wondering if I should have my hair rebonded first before coloring it, or vice versa. She meticulously checked my hair and asked my hair history. 

She instructed me that it would be better if I have my hair rebonded first and then come back after two weeks to have it colored. She said in this way, my hair will not be battled up and will have ample time to recover from rebonding. Luckily, they were having a 50% off promo for their Steam Bond which I availed immediately.

(regular prices)

So my hair was washed first. And since I had extremely dry ends (see my before pic), their head hairdresser recommended to have my hair cut first (additional cost). And then the L'Oreal Extenso was applied on my hair. 

After quite some time, my hair was rinsed, blow dried and then it was straightened using the L'Oreal Steampod. 

Then the neutralizer was applied. After which, my hair was rinsed again and then I opted to get their nourishing treatment as well because my hair badly needed one. Then my hair was blow dried again. And viola, straight but not flat hair! The whole process took about 3-3.5 hrs. The one that handled my hair was very nice and extremely careful not to burn my face or my scalp (shout out to Glenn).

Now it's time for before and after pics!

Before! :'(


After! :)

I love the nourishing treatment! As I mentioned, my hair had undergone this procedure thrice already, but this was the softest it ever felt after a steam bond. The treatment really made a huge difference. Truly worth the extra bucks!

Here's my total bill:
Steam Bond (long) (less 50% off): 3250
Cut + Treatment (long): Php2,100
Total splurge: Php5350.

But the true test is how my hair turned out after washing it. I had my hair done last June 7 and then I washed it last June 9. It's now June 14 and this is how my hair looks like. I just washed it with Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo and Creamsilk Hair Fall Conditioner and had it air-dried. 

I'm happy to report that my hair still feels incredibly soft. I like that my hair has body to it, and not super straight. :)

I was told that this promo is exclusive at Jesi Mendrez Salon at Trinoma and that you need to present the voucher to avail the discount. Just ask for one inside the salon. The promo will run until they have vouchers left. So if you have plans of trying it out, go now!

Will I recommend this salon? Definitely. Just some recommendations though. The salon needs a revamp (because it acquired the space of Aqua Salon before) and it would be lovely if they also serve drinks to their clients. I was also not offered any magazine to read which was not a biggie because I was on my phone the whole time. But such gesture would still be highly appreciated.

Would probably be back to avail the cut+color using Clairol next time!

Thoughts? Let me know your hair story by commenting below! :)

Kiss Kiss,
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