Nars Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Primer

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Today, I will be writing about my holy grail eye shadow primer. It is from Nars, and mind you, it's the best! I have tried a couple eye shadow primers in the past, but nothing in my books is comparable to this one.

I remember a video of Ingrid Nielsen (one of my fave YT gurus) enabled me to purchase this some years ago. I tried the Urban Decay Primer Potion and Mac Paintpot before, but those two did not quite make the cut for me. I think I have overly oily lids that even those two cult beauty faves do not make my eye shadow crease proof. 

Well, the story is different with this Nars one. Out of all the primers (high and low), this is the only eye shadow primer that really made my eye shadows stay beautifully on without creasing on my lids all day. I can be out in a very humid weather and I don't need to worry about my eye shadow sliding off. Also, I find that the shadows show up a lot more vivid when applied over this. It amp up the color vibrancy of the eye shadow which is always a good thing. Sometimes, I even use this to prime the lower corner of my eyes if I want to smoke out my eye look a little bit.

The only downside is the product is clear, so if you have a lot of veins going across your lids, this primer will not be able to conceal them like a Mac Paintpot would do. Also, the tube packaging is opaque so you really have no idea on how much product you have left. The price is a little hefty too (Php1450), but a tube lasts forever so I don't mind this con (plus it's really amazing). 

So if you are looking for an eye shadow primer that will not make your eye shadow bulge or crease, give Nars Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Primer a go and you will thank me later. #notsponsoredtosaythis


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