I Want To Become Sample Room's Next Beauty Insider!

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Like anybody else, I have a fair share of regretful buys. As a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast, I love testing out new products all the time. Sometimes, I hit the jackpot. Most of the time, I find myself genuinely disappointed.

Good thing, this beauty predicament was remedied by the ladies behind Sampleroom.ph through sampling. Here, you could avail of the samples that their brand partners have on their site using the points that you have accumulated from reviewing the samples that you got.

To jump start your sampling spree, Sample Room will give you 100 points upon signing up. You don't even need to pay for the actual sample product (which most of the time is even a full size product). You just need to have adequate points and pay for the shipping fee (minimum of Php100 depending on the weight of the package and your location). You can opt be a VIP Member (which I did twice) by purchasing additional points from Sample Room (1,000 points valid for two months for Php649). That is absolutely genius! 

If you are following me on Instagram (@becsandiego), you'd probably see me post my Sample Room hauls (#sampleroomph) every now and then. I have been a member since it was launched three years ago and I must say, I have found some of my holy grail products through Sample Room. 

On that note, I want to become Sample Room's next Beauty Insider because like the people behind Sample Room (and as a true bloom beauty blogger), I have nothing but the best intentions for my dear readers. I find joy in sharing with y'all products that work well with my skin, make up that suits me and services that earned stars in my book. I have always given nothing but my genuine thoughts and that will always be the case.

This is something that Sample Room, my blog and I, personally have in common. We all want to feed as much knowledge as possible to people across the universe for them to be able to make wise, well-informed purchases, beauty-wise without breaking the bank. Just the prospect of giving consumers the power to do that by sharing my two cents makes me feel proud of what I do.

For more information on how Sample Room works, you can check it HERE. Don't forget to sign up to enjoy the perks of being a Sample Room member!

Kiss Kiss,
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