Mac Vegas Volt Lipstick

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Vegas Volt has been on my list for ages. It's part of Mac permanent line, but is not readily available at our local counters (what a shame!). So armed with my confidence that I could rock this shade, plus an x-number of times googling swatches, I blindly ordered it online. Now, did I make an awesome purchase? I'll tell y'all in a bit.

Vegas Volt is a brightened orange-coral in an amplified creme finish. It's bold, but not as loud or straight up orange like Morange. It's one of those shades, which you can just lazily slap onto your lips, and you'd instantly look alive - with a very summery vibe!

And since this is in an amplified creme finish, the pigmentation of this lipstick is amazing. One good swipe is all you need to achieve full opacity. Staying power is excellent too. But if you prefer just a tiny bit of color, just dab it onto your lips and sheer it out with your fingers.

Unfortunately, I don't feel this color would suit a wild range of skin tones. If you have cooler undertones, this might look harsh on you. Also, this is not your most moisturizing amplified creme. So make sure to pop a good lip balm underneath this, or else you'd end up with cracked lips by the end of the day. 


And on me! Love how it compliments my hair color! :)

I wear make up on an everyday basis (uhmm.. almost!) and this has been one of my boyfriend's fave lipstick shade for me. Coming from him, that compliment is huge! Hence, I'm keeping a mental note of wearing this gorgeous as often as possible. Yes, even the gloomy weather won't stop me! (wink)

So, did I make an awesome purchase? After all the raving, my answer is damn obvious -hell yeah! So proud of myself!  Love this lipstick to bits! 

Do you own this shade too?

Kiss Kiss,
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