Chanel Make Up HAUL!

7:19 AM

I need to confess something. I have been secretly drafting a Chanel lemming list on my Starbucks planner. I know it's a slippery slope, but I feel I need to spoil myself a little soon. The decision to finally make that purchase snapped when my BB cream and my setting powder reached their last days. Spending on things that I actually use on my face on an everyday basis makes an indulgent purchase.. uhm worth making, right? (wink!)

So enough of my lame excuses and cheers to my Chanel make up haul!

First on my list is a new setting powder. With this humid weather, I never skip setting my make up or else I'd look like a grease ball by mid day. This large tub (which I'm sure I'd have a hard time finishing up) has been doing wonders in keeping oil at bay, but without looking powdery.

(Chanel Natural Finish Loode Powder in 20 Clair - retails for Php2,600)

Next, I decided to take a break with BB creams and see what's all the hype with Chanel CC (Complete Correction) cream. I tried it at the counter and I instantly fell in love on how it made my skin brighter-looking. Like BB creams, it's also a skin care + make up rolled into one, but with added color correcting benefits.

(Chanel CC Cream 30ml - retails for Php2,850)

Lastly, is a blush that I've always find myself swatching whenever I'm at a Chanel counter, here or overseas. Glad to finally add this to my stash. It's gorgeous!

(Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Narcisse - retails for Php2,350)

And that's everything! Swatches and reviews to be posted soon!


Kiss Kiss,
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