MAC Prep + Prime Eye in Medium

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MAC Prep + Prime Eye is described at the Mac website as "a light textured cream to wear on the eyes as an undercoat to eye make up; primes the lids, smooths textures and neutralizes lid color; use under eye shadows, pigments, paints and concealers." It comes in three colors (light, medium and medium dark) to suit every skin tone. I have the one in medium and it is a perfect match!

And a quick swatch:

What I like about this primer is that it does it job well (with the right amount and application). It evens out the skin tone on my eyelids, prevents my powder eye shadows from creasing and makes the colors pop even more. In short, it helps my eye shadows stay put throughout the day. I also don't have any problems with the consistency and texture of this product. I don't find it greasy at all (although some would) and once applied, it leaves a silky feel on my lids which makes blending my shadows a breeze. Also, a little goes a long way with this stuff.

However, I find that with my Nars cream shadows, it creases big time (something that does not happen when I use my Urban Decay primer potion). I also have a love/hate thing with the packaging. I love that since the product is in a pot, I can get use of every bit of this product (no more depotting). I think this is the only primer that allows you to actually use all of the product and that is a plus. But then I find it quite unhygienic so I use a clean spatula to scoop the product out and sometimes, it can be a hassle and can somewhat be a little messy too. 

So do I recommend you to buy this? I guess not. There are a lot of better eye primers out there. Although Urban Decay and Too Faced are not available here in the Philippines, brands like Nars, Smashbox and Laura Mercier have great eye shadow bases so better check them out. 

I am a believer that every woman should invest in a good eye shadow primer because this will make or break your eye make up. Thoughts? Let me know, ayt? 

Until the next post.

Peace and Love!

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