My "Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal" :Third Session (11/20/10)

5:00 AM

Last Saturday, I had my third session of my upper lip laser hair removal at 6F Aesthetic and Anti- Ageing Center at Medical Plaza Makati (click here to read about my first session) and as always, let these pictures do the talking:
Here the dermatologist is shaving those unwanted hairs on my upper lip.
Then the numb gel is applied. After that, the scary (and painful) part:
The procedure lasted between 10-15 minutes only. It did hurt still but I survived, lol (although my hands were jerking every zap). I am also happy to report that my skin was not burned and I did not experience having nasty blisters as well. I was also told that I will need around 4-8 sessions in order to fully see the permanent hair-free results (which is the normal range) but this can still differ depending on the density of the hair growth. Over all, it was another nice experience from 6F! :) 

Insert an odd happy pose showing my upper lip area. 
I'll be back perhaps after 6-8 weeks for my next session and I would again keep you all updated with my "hair-free upper lip" journey. So stay tuned, ayt?

Thoughts? Let me know by hitting the comments section below. I would love to read your stories or answer your questions.

Until then.
Peace and Love!

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