Orly Cupcake Nail Polish

11:30 PM

For me, there is nothing more lady-like than having dainty polished nails. Achieving this is easy. Just choose a pale nude pink lacquer, and you'd instantly feel like a princess or a bride-to-be. On that note, let me present to y'all one of my ultimate fave nude pink polish; - Orly Cupcake.

Orly Cupcake debuted years ago as part of the brand's Sugar Coated Collection and is now part of the permanent range. It is a muted pale pink creme polish that adds a dash of feminine touch to the nails. I love that it just has the right pinkiness to it. It's not too nude, nor overpowering. Definitely a shade I would personally consider wearing on my wedding day. 

The formula may not be the easiest to work with, because it leans a bit on the sheer side. Meaning, you need 3 layers to achieve full opacity. It dries down easily and leaves a decent shine. It stays on without chipping for 3-4 days in my experience. 

On my nails!

Orly polishes (retail for Php349.50) are DBP-free and feature the award-winning Gripper Cap which is not only comfortable and easy to grip, but makes stuck nail polish lids a thing of the past.


Kiss Kiss,
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