MAC Victorian Lipstick

10:45 PM

Victorian lipstick was part of Mac Spring Colour 2 Forecast Collection which was released 2 years ago. I remember that period was the height of my passion for make up (and I was just starting with my blog), but for some peculiar reason, I managed not to pick anything from the collection (go figure!). So when I saw this lipstick on a blog sale, I snatched it immediately. 

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Victorian is a frosty soft fluorescent pink with gold shimmers. It actually reminded me of a more pink version of Nars Super Orgasm lip gloss but in a lipstick form. The color is gorgeous, but the formulation sucks. Yes, it's creamy and opaque. But it's it a pain to put on. I find it goes blotchy (which is the reason for my uneven lip swatch below) and its frostiness settles into the lines of my lips. I also resent how the gold shimmers in it stay adhered to my lips when the actual color fades away (not a pretty sight!).  It is also drying and doesn't have the greatest lasting power. It's a shame because the actual color is gorgeous. I bet if it was an amplified or even a satin, I would love it forever. 


And on me..

So Mac Victorian lipstick is definitely a big let down for me. Weird because I remember trying it on before and loved it. But perhaps, the conspicuous lighting at the mall played games with my sight. 


Kiss Kiss,
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