SNOE White No. 8 Organic Green Papaya Beauty Bar

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I am an avid user of papaya soaps. As a matter of fact, I have been a die-hard fan ever since I was a sophomore. And through out the years, my love for papaya soaps didn't diminish even a bit. Despite the long list of papaya soaps that I have tried and loved before, I still get delirious every time a new papaya soap on the block finds my way. And on that note, I had shivers on my skin when I received Snoe White No. 8 Organic Green Papaya Beauty Bar (retails for Php139). It's a papaya soap with a twist! It's green and loaded with so much more!

While other brands use Papaya Essence only, Snoe Beauty Inc. uses Papaya Pulp to make sure that their Organic Green Papaya beauty bar will not fall short. Green Papaya's papain enzymes has been proven to be 50 to 100 times stronger than other similar natural whitening ingredients (like Orange Papaya). The papain enzyme found in green papaya works to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal new, radiant and glowing skin. It also helps prevent early signs of aging by protecting the skin from harmful elements in the environment that causes wrinkles. 

I find it gratifying every time I find a soap that lathers well, yet leaves my skin moisturized and healthy-looking. And that's exactly what I'm getting with Snoe White No. 8 Organic Green Papaya Beauty Bar. As odd as this may sound, it has become one of the reasons (besides the scorching heat) why I look forward stepping into my bathroom and giving myself a nice bath. And since it's non-drying, I'm happy that in this icky humid weather, I can have the power to skip slapping lotion all over my body. And like other Snoe Beauty bars, this one doesn't melt easily as well (no need for slicing the bar into x number of pieces).  It also promises to whiten skin as early as 2 weeks. I have been using this bar for more than that period and I feel that it helped maintain my complexion (since I have relatively fair skin to begin with) despite being out from 7am to 7pm.

So yes, this is one of Snoe Beauty beauty bars that I would repurchase and would recommend to anyone. :)

Active ingredients: Green Papaya Pulp, Bearberry and fruit extracts, Vitamin C, E, Jojoba Oil and High Grade Coconut Oil.

For more information, visit or like Snoe Beauty on Facebook.


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