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Fact is, I will forever be a bright lipstick kinda girl. I just like how one swipe of a bright hue lipstick instantly makes my face brighter and more alive. So despite having the Kylie Jenner lip trend right now, I still haven't jumped into the bandwagon. On that happy note, let me feature one of Mac's iconic bright pink lipstick; - Impassioned

One of my all time favorite bright lipstick is Mac Party Parrot  which sadly, is limited edition. I am almost half way my tube that is why I tend to use it sparingly. Then like an epiphany, I came across with a comment from an online forum that Mac Impassioned lipstick is very similar to Party Parrot.  So I decided to snag Impassioned at the airport when I was heading back to Manila from Jakarta, Indonesia.

And alas, Impassioned is really similar to Party Parrot, color-wise (see swatch below) but I'd say the former has a lot more pink to it. Also, the formula is different. Impassioned is an amplified finish, while Party Parrot is a matte. Hence, Impassioned is a lot creamier in formula and has a semi lustrous sheen to it, while Party Parrot is purely matte. 

Impassioned is described as an amped-up fuchsia but I'd say it is a warm bright pink. It is highly pigmented that I just need one to two swipes for the color to show opaquely on my pigmented lips. The color is very vivid, but not bordering neon in any way. It is one of those bright colors that is still very easy to pull off.

And because this is an amplified, this lipstick is a breeze to apply. It goes on super smooth on the lips and it is not drying at all. However, i find that on days when I tend to have drier lips than usual, this tends to cling and accentuate the flakes on my lips.


On me:

Over all, I am happy that I added Impassioned to my stash. I still prefer Party Parrot but Impassioned is still gorgeous nonetheless. If you are like me that enjoys that pop of color to the lips, I highly suggest this lipstick!

How about you? Tell me your favorite bright lipstick!

Kiss Kiss,
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