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In November 2014, Beauty Bar opened its 27th door in Central Square, Bonifacio Global City. The store area is a total of 261 square meters, 50 square meters of which is dedicated to the NY-based Dashing Diva nail salon.

The new concept shop of Beauty Bar stands out for its inviting and refreshing design, which is collaboration with German designers, Blocher and Blocher. To complement its new interiors, the Beauty Bar logo and packaging collaterals are likewise updated. As you enter the store, you are greeted by a wash of new colors: white and dark grey with accents of gold and red. A soft, feminine touch is achieved by a hand-painted mural of leaves, birds and hearts on the pristine white wall of the Personal Care area. The store manager and staff are dressed in black with red print details lifted from the mural design, giving them a chic and fashionable makeover. The total new look of Beauty Bar appears to be a deviation from the old Beauty Bar customers have come to love over the years, but its new look definitely makes them fall in love all over again. Pretty much like any other girl, she's grown up and evolved with the times.

Throughout the years, Beauty Bar's famed cult brands continue to please its growing followers. Smashbox, The Balm, Artdeco, Youngblood, Prestige, Earth Therapeutics, Philosophy and Burt's Bees are among the staples.

Weeks ago, beauty fanatics gathered at the recently opened new concept shop of Beauty Bar at Central Square, Bonifacio Global City to experience #SummerAroundTheWorld with the new and exciting brands that Beauty Bar now carries! 

A gamut of amazingly luxurious bath and body products such as Deserving Thyme (Canada), Fior di Bach and Phytorelax (Italy), Natura Siberica (Russia), Bomb Cosmetics (UK), Kracie (Japan), Sophie la Giraffe (France), Heloise de V. (France), Tan Organic (Ireland), EVA NYC (USA) and Epiology (Australia), all wonderful finds that just recently hit the shelves. This season, discover the other new offerings from Beauty Bar that will definitely be included in your beauty must-have:

Natural Siberica - Siberia is a unique region of Russia, where wildlife has remained unchanged for centuries. In order to survive in such harsh climatic conditions, Siberian herbs and plants synthesize protective active substances and possess strong anti-oxidant properties. Nautica Siberia harnessess these amazing properties to keep hair and skin youthful and beautiful.

Hei Poa - Take a journey to Tahiti and experience the benefuts and pleasure of Mono Oil. This Tahititan concentrated natural oil has long been a beauty secret of the women of Polynesia and now it is available to you! This multi-purpose oil can be used to soften, moisturize, and protect skin; heal, repair, and add shine to hair; can even be used as a massage oil.

The Wet Brush - The Wet Brush was born as a response to hearing the (literal) cry of people tearing at their hair, trying to find a better way to untangle it. With its unique IntelliFlex bristles, the Wet Brush runs effortlessly through hair, detangling without pulling or tugging. There's no pain, no tears - whether the hair is wet from the shower or dry; curly or straight; thick or fine. Finally, the tears (and curses) can stop.

Eva Nyc - Spreading style beyond the New York City Metropolitan Area, Eva NYC is a line of proffessional tools and hair care that takes inspiration from the runways and gets salon-quality results. Eva NYC is a savvy fashionista and gives an insider's look at the latest trends in beauty, fashion, and style.

Cabana Sun - Cabana Sun has got all your sun care needs covered. Keep skin safe from harmful UVA and UVB rays with its water resistant sun lotion line, amplify and enhance your tan with exotic Monoi and carrot oil, or take sun care seriously by soothing and healing exposed skin. Summer never looked this great, nor felt this safe with Cabana Sun!

Bomb Cosmetics - Bombs away! Clean, polish, moisturize, meet the soap-scrub hybrid, and be a "Little Hottie" with Bomb Cosmetics. All natural and handmade, these pots, pumps, and polishes offer you amazing hair, skin, hand, and even foot care in packaging that can pass for works of art.

Deserving Thyme - Deserving Thyme has built on the science of aromatherapy to bring you body care with a healthy attitude! Aromatherapy uses naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize, and promote the health of body, mind, and spirit. Deserving Thyme brings you the benefits of uplifting orange, anti-inflammatory Eucalyptus, calming lavender, and other essential oils its body and bathing care products.

Laino - Discover natural beauty through natural products with Laino. Rooted in the benefits of shea butter, argan oil. and oilive oil, Laino aims to deliver simple and proven recipes from the past to create timeless products that care for the skin of women today.

Phyto - Phytorelax from Italy has created six different ranges based on specific ingredients for your specific body care needs.

1. Argan Haircare - A product range which incorporates Argan which is considered a beauty elixir in products that improve texture and shine of hair.
2. Keratin Hair care - Kearatin is infused into this product range to reverse the effects of damage that has been done to hair.
3. Fiori di Bach - The essence of Bach flowers is used in these soaps and lotion to balance and de-stresses skin.
4. Oil Sublimi - Aare multi-usage dry oils derived from five different prized vegetable oils.
5. Olio di Argan - An argan based body treatment range
6. Oliva - Olive oil is a Mediterranean holy grail beauty product that can be found in this hair and body range.

Tan Organic - Beauty Beautiful. Be Unique. Be Natural. - The World's first ECO Certified Aloe-Vera based organic self tanning brand from Ireland. Its products boast ultra moisturizing formula that develops no unpleasant aroma. Perfect for all even those with the most sensitive of skins. The Dry Oil uses 8 unique plant oils with subtle fragrances of roses. It's a multi purpose addition to your beauty routine providing velvety smooth skin, silky hair and healthy nails. The luxury tan double sided application glove allows you to apply tanning products by using minimum amounts.

Beauty Bar has always been about all things Beauty since their first door opened in 1999. Sixteen years and 27 stores later, Beauty Bar is still about all things Beauty. The new store with its bright lghts and seductive interior invites not just the beauty addict in, but also the beauty "newbie," the beauty admirer, the beauty expert, the beauty-in-training, and everyone else in between. Beauty Bar is truly where Beauty comes together.

Find the newest Beauty Bar store on the 2nd Floor of Central Square, 5th Ave corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City.

For more information, like Beauty Bar on Facebook.

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