Aveda Hair Color + Highlights at Basement Salon EDSA Shangri La

11:10 PM

Just so you know, my hair was previously rebonded and colored at Queen's Lair Salon almost a year ago. My hair was (literally) crying for a major revamp (read: 3-inch regrowth) so I decided to (finally) listen and had my hair done at one of the high-scale salons in the Metro - Basement Salon at EDSA Shangri La.

Since I want to have my hair colored, I consulted Basement Salon's (Shangri La) Artistic Director Stefan Wilczynski first. He assessed my hair thoroughly, made a polite "sermon" on how my hair was shapeless (totally agree) and then he carefully explained to me the things that should be done to revive my hair. He said I could still have my hair colored and to add more dimension to it, I could also have highlights. I never had highlights before so the idea alone fired me up.

I showed Stefan a picture of my hair color peg which was on the Mahogany/Reddish side. He politely declined and said that he has a better color option in mind for me. Knowing Stefan, I took a leap of faith and completely trusted my hair to him and to his team.

Stefan began by telling his assistant random alphanumerical codes which she needed to prepare for my base color and (3) highlights.

(my base color)

First, she put a little bit of oil on my hair line just to make sure the hair color won't stain my skin. Then she applied my base color evenly all over my hair. 

After perhaps 30-45 mins, my hair was rinsed and blow-dried. 

After my base color was applied, Stefan gave me a really nice precision hair cut which immediately gave body to my hair. After which, my highlights were carefully placed.

After sitting for a total of around 4 hours, my hair was finally done! I stepped out of the salon from looking like this...

to this!

(under indoor/artificial lighting)

(under natural lighting)

Saying that I love how my hair turned out is such an understatement! I've colored my hair numerous times and this has got to be the best look that I've ever had. Another thing that made me a happy camper is the fact that my hair was not damaged at all. Surprisingly, my hair even looks a thousand-fold healthier afterwards (no dry ends!).

For reference, I paid Php8,100 to get this look. A little hefty but totally worth it!

Haircut by Stefan Wilczynski: Php1,800
Full Color in Combination with Highlights (3&4) Colors (Extra Long Hair): Php6,300

For more information, go to www.basementsalon.com.

How about you? Where is your go-to salon? Let me know!

Kiss Kiss,
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