Mac Happy-Go-Lucky Lipstick

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I seriously don't need another lipstick. But there is something about Mac Happy-Go-Lucky lipstick that made me break my project no-make-up-buy without even blinking . Call it love at first swatch or whatever, bottom line is - I'm so glad I picked this little buddy up. It's limited and I might stab myself if I let it slipped away.

Mac Happy-Go-Lucky lipstick is part of a limited edition collection called Playland. It's a hot  medium magenta pink with an amplified finish. It's very creamy and is extremely comfortable on the lips. It's highly pigmented and applies evenly onto the lips. It's hydrating and lasts for 5-6 hours on me. It also has a nice decent sheen to it already (no lip gloss needed).

Despite being a bright-toned lipstick, Happy Go Lucky is extremely wearable. I can comfortably wear it without attracting so much attention. Yes, it pops - but in a relatively acceptable way if you know what I mean. It is quite similar with Mac Candy Yum-Yum, but without the shocking neon flash of the latter. I love that I could skip the rest of my face, just put this on and I could walk out of the door. It's vibrant color brightens my face in a swipe. 

Aside from being limited edition, a downside of this lipstick (actually of most bright-colored lipsticks) is that it leave an uneven stain on the lips after a few bites and drinks. Hence it is imperative to reapply every after eating or drinking. So to save you from the unsightly look of patchy lips, make sure to always bring it with you. 


Comparison swatches!

(L-R: Mac Candy Yum-Yum, Mac Happy-Go-Lucky and Mac Silly)

Mac Happy-Go-Lucky lipsticks retails for Php1000 and sadly is limited. It's already out so pick it up if you can still do. 

How about you? Did you pick up anything from Mac Playland Collection? Do share!

Kiss Kiss,
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