Fashion Collective HAUL: Mango, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse and Yhansy

11:36 PM

I went out yesterday to check out two shops that I particularly adore - Zara and Topshop. Both brands are currently having their mid-season sale and I couldn't let this opportunity pass by without scanning through their racks. On that note, I went to Shangri La with a hopeful will but unfortunately, nothing in their shelves stood out to me. 

So yup, no Zara and Topshop pieces for me. Booh! But don't fret because I still have a small collective haul to show to y'all (which y'all know by now based on the title of this post). Luckily, I decided to drop by at Warehouse and at Miss Selfridge. They were also on sale which makes me one happy camper. After a good 1-2hrs of non-stop fitting, I was able to go home with a decent number of amazing items. Also, I got a few more pieces from Mango awhile back which I will also show in this collective haul post. 

See everything that I got after the jump!

Lets start with Mango, shall we? I was on the hunt for the swan printed shorts that I saw online so I checked their Trinoma branch and found one in my size. 

(reduced from Php1450 to Php895)

I browsed a little more and minutes later, I was out with another pair of shorts and a jumpsuit/romper. 

(reduced from Php995 to Php95)

((reduced from Php1950 to Php1250)

Now onto my pieces from Warehouse. I got a shift dress and another playsuit.

(reduced from Php3545  to Php1772.50)

(reduced from Php2945 to Php1472.50)

Next stop, Miss Selfridge. It was my first time exploring their store and I instantly fell in love with their pieces. I got a peplum top, a box-type-ish top, and yes, another playsuit. If you haven't noticed yet, I love playsuits! 

(reduced from Php2195 to Php999)

(reduced from Php2195 to Php999)

(reduced from Php2995 to Php1499)

And last but not the least, I also got some statement necklaces from Yhansy. 

These necklaces retail for Php299.75 to Php499.75, but they were on sale for only Php100 a pop. What an awesome deal, right?

So that wraps my collective haul. Have you dolls been shopping lately too? Share with me your recent awesome finds, ayt? 

Kiss Kiss,
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