Nars Single Eye Shadow in Euphrate

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I love how Francois Nars gives patronage to beautiful places by naming some of his products after them. It just gives me so much joy discovering another incredible shade from his line, while learning more about geography (and history) at the same time. A good example is this delicious single eye shadow in Euphrate. French for Euphrates, the longest and one of the most important rivers of Western Asia that empties into the Persian Gulf. 

 Nars describes Euphrate as "frosted mint steel" and I couldn't agree more. It may look like another boring silvery light-gray shadow on the pan, but wait till you give it a good swatch. On the skin, it's minty bluish-green tinged appears more evidently, making it a mile more interesting. And what's cooler about this shadow is how its color changes depending on how the light hits it. It can appear more silvery in an angle and then change abruptly to a greenish-blue hue in one quick flick of the eye. Really, it's a beauty.

The formula of this particular shadow is beyond praises as well. It's pigmented and despite it's metallic sheen, feels buttery smooth and creamy. However, because it's softer than usual, you might wanna go easy with swiping your brush into the product. Make sure to tap your brush a bit before application to avoid fall out. Due to the texture of the eye shadow, it's easy to pick up more than what you need. It's a joy to blend, and would totally rock the house louder when foiled. Swipe this across your lids, and see your peepers shine bright.

However, this shadow reminds me so much of the minty side of my Nars Habanera duo. But I find the Habanera side more gray, making it relatively darker in tone. Also, the duo-chrome factor of the one in my Habanera duo is inferior compared with Euphrate. But if you already own Habanera, I'd say it's okay to skip this one. But if you don't, give this a go. It's precious!

Here's a quick swatch!

Nars Euphrate eye shadow retails for Php1350 and is part of Nars Summer 2013 Collection (see whole collection HERE) and would be available in our local Nars counters beginning May 2013. 

Do you find this shade interesting? Share your thoughts!

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