Nars Fashion Rebel Eye Shadow Duo

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At one point or another, we want to shake things a little and try something beyond our comfort zone. While others venture into a new sport or hobby, I sit patiently in front of my vanity and paint my face with bolder make up. I have no problems sporting bright lips, but I tend to go easy on my eyes. But if you're not as apprehensive as I am in wearing color, well say hello to this fierce eye shadow duo from Nars; - Fashion Rebel.

According to NARS: The audacious pairing of this duo eye shadow lives up to its rule - breaking moniker. Dandelion and African violet shades can be worn solo, paired with softer hues, or layered for a shocking effect

Fashion Rebel is a duo that I feel either belongs to the runway or in a professional make up artist's kit. Obviously, it's definitely not the most wearable eye combination for daily use. Both shades are matte, and their formula is a bit dry and chalky. For an eye shadow duo as vividly-looking as this, you might think you'd get full opacity in a swipe. Unfortunately, that's not the case. For you to achieve that shocking effect, you really have to pack this on. Layering this with an opaque cream eye shadow will be a good idea as well.

And now that I think about it, this duo actually reminds me of a matte version of Nars Bysance, especially the violet side. So if you already own Bysance, I'd say you can pass on this. Unless of course, what tickles your fancy more is the bright yellow side. 


Nars Fashion Rebel eye shadow duo retails for Php1850 and is part of Nars Summer 2013 Collection. You can get your hands on this shadow starting May at all our local Nars counters.

Do you love wearing bold eye colors? Share your thoughts!

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