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Mac recently released their Glamour Daze Holiday Collection 2012 at Rustan's Makati and since it has been ages ago (I think) since I last purchased something limited from Mac, I decided to take a quick peek. After swatching a handful of colors on my hand, I made a decision. Say hello to the newest addition to my lipstick collection; - Mac Outrageously Fun (retails for Php1,100)!

 Mac Outrageously Fun lipstick is a medium blue-based pink magenta in the cremesheen formula, making it a joy to apply. It gives opaque coverage in a swipe, and lifts the lips a notch higher with its soft glossy sheen. You can definitely skip the gloss, and wear this entirely on its own. It also stays decently on the lips; - around 4-5 hour wear.

Unlike other magenta lipsticks that I've tried before (e.g. Mac Ump The Amp), this shade is unbelievably wearable, yet still noticeable. It's definitely not a hue that every girl in the mall is sporting, making your puckers catch just the right amount of attention. Wearing this makes me feel imparting a statement without going overly bold (or weird-looking).

Also, I love how the glossy black tube packaging made this lipstick appear classy and more expensive-looking. It's identical to the Disney Villains Collection that Mac released years ago, minus the quirky printed Disney characters.

Hands down, this is one unique shade that I'm so thrilled to have. Too bad it's limited (booh!). Also, it's a bit drying so make sure to prep your lips first with your trusty lip balm before piling this on. And just like any blue-based pink lipstick, it also makes your teeth appear stained. 

A quick swatch

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And in action!

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Here's a closer look!

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Kiss Kiss,
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