Benetton Releases Two New Scents: Let's MOVE and Let's LOVE

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Benetton definitely did another fantastic job with the launch of their newest scents; - Let's Move for men and Let's Love for women. Aside from making everyone groove to Zumba and Shiba (thanks to Studio 116 Dance School), we were also able to sniff into the refreshing notes that these newest scents carry.

LET'S MOVE - this fougere ambery spicy fragrance was designed for dynamic young men, always on the move, addicted to sport. The citrus cocktail of top notes delivers a real shot of energy, spiced up by black pepper to offer even more intensity to the scent. The aromatic heart notes invigorate the aromas to obtain a refreshing alchemy strengthened by the masculine character of cedarwood. Its final trail is warmed by an amber and balsamic accord that creates a delicate and sensual composition for an unforgettable signature.

I also particularly adore how the packaging was inspired by vitamin or water bottles. For me, this touch kicked the sporty vibe of  the over-all-look of this fragrance a notch higher. Indeed, this makes it the perfect fragrance for modern, urban and young men who are always in motion. And for a woman's point-of-view, I would love to smell this on my man. The scent smells divine, seriously! I don't even mind wearing in too!

Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Pepper
Heart notes: Geranium, Lavender, Cedarwood
Dry Down: Amber, Tonka beans, Vanilla

Let's Move SRP 100ml - Php 1,450
Let's Move SRP 40ml - Php 950

LET'S LOVE - a floral fruity fragrance, inspired by the irresistible Passion Flower. Created to represent young women who still believe in romance, this scent immediately sends that extraordinary thrill in one spray. Also, its lovely round shape bottle that is meant to reveal the sensuality and true femininity of the fragrance makes it chic and I love the perfect blend of sweetness and softness in this scent. It's not overpowering, making it definitely perfect for day wear! 

Top notes: BellsBamboo Sap, Lily of the Valley, Playful Pineapple
Heart notes: Glossy Raspberry, Star Jasmine, Passion Flower
Dry down: Cashmere Wood, Cedarwood, Caressing Musk

Let's Love SRP 100ml - Php 1,450
Let's Love SRP 30ml - Php 850

So make sure to sniff these two gorgeous new scents from Benetton when you can. They both smell incredible, but without the hefty price tags!

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Also, special thanks to these dolls for making the event even more fun! :) (Thanks Donnarence for the pics!)

(with the lovely Emily Sy-Koa, Fresh Fragrance Bar Marketing Manager)


Kiss Kiss,

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