CLARINS Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate Launch

11:30 AM

People always say that I look younger than my real age (I'm already 29 yrs old, btw). Well, I thank my innate genes, my happy attitude and my healthy lifestyle for that. But then again, in this world where stress is everywhere, a little help from a pump bottle of luxurious anti-ageing serum wouldn't hurt as well in keeping those ugly wrinkles at bay. And on this note, let me present to you another breakthrough in fighting the battle against premature ageing.

In an intimate press launch, Clarins introduced their latest addition to their renowned anti-ageing line; - Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate which combines two powerful anti-ageing serums (hydric + lipidic system) in one optimum golden ration to help fight all aspects of ageing. A combination of water-based and oil-based formulas, the Hydric + Lipidic system replicates the model of the hydrolipidic film and dual water-oil nature of one's skin cells. Since this action is similar to the skin's own hrdric-lipidic balance, this ensures optimal absorption and reinforced efficacy.

A culmination of 27 years of expertise, the Clarins Double Serum, is a complete age control concentrate and is the one and only anti-ageing treatment that reactivates the 5 vital functions on which skin’s youth depend.

1. Skin Hydration - Preserves skin's comfort and softness.
2. Cellular and Skin Nutrition - Speeds up the absorption time of the nutrients necessary for healthy skin cell functions. Hence, the skin regains suppleness and tone.
3. Cellular and Skin Oxygenation - Improves cellular oxygenation, making the skin regain radiance.
4. Fiber and Cellular Protection - Enhances the skin's ability to resist oxidative stress which helps prevent premature signs of skin ageing.
5. Fibers and Skin Regeneration - Boosts the production of collagen I, an indispensable element for firm skin. Thus, preserving the skin's firmness, smooth aspect and density.

A product of 27 years of research, this legendary skin care regimen also combines 20 most powerful anti-ageing plant extracts. One of the ingredients exclusive to this new formulation is the Cangzhu extract that comes from a plant used in Chinese medicine. It helps boost the action of the other plant extracts which in turn help stimulate the skin's vital functions. 

To boost the formulation's effectiveness, the precious dosage comes in a side-by-side vial that enables the otherwise impossible combination of water and oil-soluble ingredients with no risk of incompatibility or instability, and without recourse to emulsifiers. Double Serum's two phases are never in contact. Each vial has a separate pump dispenser, ensuring two formulas are mixed only on application and always in ideally balanced ration.

And quite unlike any product, the texture of Double Serum fuses with the skin in an astonishingly sensual way. It combines the lightness of a gel with the comfort of a cream, which makes it instantly absorbed onto the skin. 

Also, its fragrance, which was created by a Japanese master perfumer, is a blend of fruity and floral notes that is both fresh and refined. Seriously, I couldn't stop sniffing my hands right after applying this serum. Definitely one of the best-smelling serum in the market! 

And really, just upon the first application, the skin appears more radiant and youthful. Clarins claims that just after 4 weeks, the skin will look firmer and more even, with wrinkles reduced and pores less visible. I'll be adding this to my everyday skin care routine and I'll get back on you guys on how well it works on me. So stay tuned for that, ayt?

Clarins Double Serum (30 ml) is available at Clarins counters inside Rustan's and retails for Php4550. For more information, visit or like Rustan's on Facebook.

By the way, here's my ensemble during the launch:

(Blazer and Dress from Forever 21; Shoes from Celine; Jewelry from Finest Jewels Co)


Kiss Kiss,
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