Celeteque Introduces The Latest Breakthrough In Age-Defying Skin

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Aging is an inevitable event that all of us will have to face sooner or later. But that fact should not stop us from taking good care of our skin. With breakthrough science backed by intensive researches and studies, we are now empowered to delay that aging process. We just need to combat our knowledge deficit about this battle and to act on it as quickly as possible.

And on that note, last Wednesday, I attended an intimate (and super fun!) bloggers' event sponsored by Celeteque at the Linden's Suites Ortigas. I have always wanted to try this brand (especially their toner!) because I read several raves about their skin care in various beauty forums (but I just never had the time to pick it up for myself, booh!).

"Know the latest breakthrough in age-defying skin care for the Filipina"
 - sounds undeniably intriguing right? 

I'll tell you the story in a bit!

Ms. Kathryn Joyce Perez (Celeteque Brand Manager) started the event with a word game and divided us into three groups. Alas, my lovely group mates, the Sexylicious Team! 

Christine, Me, Nikki, Hazel and Mimi

 After that our Guest Speaker,
 Dr. Nenita Alberto (dermatologist with clinics in Capitol Medical Center and The Medical City) gave a brief but rich talk about the skin. Here are some of the things that she emphasized.

A. Moisturizing the skin is a MUST! And the kind of moisturizer depends on our skin type too. 

Dry skin: oily moisturizers with occlusive and humectants.
Oily skin: no need for moisturizer.
Normal skin: humectants recommended.
Combination skin: avoid moisturizers on the T-zone.

It is also strongly encouraged to apply the moisturizer within three minutes after bathing for proper skin absorption. 

B. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is another MUST! Studies show that smoking leads to premature aging. 

C. AVOID sun exposure because UV Rays play a major contribution in skin aging. 

Three simple and perhaps we-all-know-already tips, but often times, we still fail to adhere with these know facts. I am so guilty of bullet C (yikes!).

After that, Ms. Aileen Canlas (Celeteque Product Associate) 
gave us an overview about the star of the show; - the Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Trio.

NEW Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleanser Light Cleansing Oil

It's a make up remover, ultra-hydrating cleanser and an anti-wrinkle product in one bottle. It gently and effectively removes deep-seated dirt and impurities while maintaning the skin's natural level of moisure, instantly leaving the skin velvety soft and dewy without the greasy after-feel. It comes in two sizes, 50ml (SRP Php199) and 100ml (SRP Php369).

Anti-Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer

Powered by DOUBLE PEPTIDE COMPLEX, it works deep down within your skin to stimulate collagen formation. It pumps the skin to lessen fine lines and wrinkles and renews outer layers of damaged skin. (SRP Php699)

NEW Anti-Aging Power Serum Concentrating Break Off Capsules

It's a power serum in a break off capsule with a new dual peptide technology, CYSTOSTIMULIN LIPOPEPTIDES, blended with exotic fruit extracts. Clinically proven to dramatically reduce fine lines in 6 weeks and to smoothen skin as early as 1 week of use.* (SRP Php699/21 capsules)

Whew, very enticing, right? I will start using all three products tonight and I will post a more detailed review after a few weeks. Stay tuned for that, ayt?

Now, pictures with my co-bloggers after the jump! Make sure to follow them too! :)

Levy and Me

Levy, Me and Ann


But wait, there's more! Try any of the new Celeteque products and post your balanced review in your respective blogs and get the chance to be one of the two lucky bloggers who will win an entire Innovitelle product line (Myra E, Asian Secrets, pH Care, Celeteque, etc) plus P2000 gift certificates
from Forever 21

Requirement for the blog entries:

a. Balanced review of the product
c. Minimum of 100 words
d. Optional: Post it in your Facebook fan page/Twitter (if any). Make sure you tag @Unilab.

Submit the details of the blog review to me at wednesdei@gmail.com and to unilab.fb@gmail.com with the following: 
a. Full name
b. Email address
c. Link to the blog post
d. Beauty blog where you saw the contest (http://mygorgeouspinkcheeks.blogspot.com/)

Blog reviews will be judged according to the following:
Substance of review = 50%
Blogger Favorite = 30%
Celeteque Advanced Team Favorite = 20%
FB/Twitter sharing = Bonus of 5%

Contest will run from May 12 to June 12. Winners will be announced on June 15. Goodluck everyone!

For more information, visit the Celeteque Facebook page.

Peace and Love!

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