My Favorite Make Up Artists

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Have you ever experience wanting to get a product but you decided not to because of that nasty, not-so-friendly make up artist or sales attendant? Well, I did! Believe me, I had my fair share on these moments and they were not pretty!I hate that. I'm sure most people (if not all) do. That's why we have preferred branches and make up artists per se. If you have been reading my blogs, I'm sure you already know that I am such a NARS fan! It's my favorite make up brand and I'm totally obsessed with their products. There are two main reasons why I got so hooked on this brand. First, their awesome-to-goodness quality! And second, their warm, fabulous and knowledgeable make up associates.

Let me introduce you to two of my fave MUA's.
This is Robi of NARS Rustan's Makati
and of course, Lara of  NARS Rustan's Shangri La.
They are very accommodating and their shade recommendations are excellent! If you love the brand (NARS) and live anywhere near their areas, do check them out. I'm sure that your make up shopping experience will be splendid with their help.

Oh and by the way, they also do make up and styling services (at the comfort of your homes). Here are some of Lara's work. :)
For rates and other inquiries, you may reach them here:

Lara - (0921) 2582757
Robi - (0939) 6288720

How about you? Who are your faves? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Until then.

Peace and Love!

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