My Favorite Lustre: Mac Tempting Eyeshadow

3:12 PM

I am not a fan of Mac lustre eye shadows (since often you'll get a lot of fall out with this formula). But I got intrigued about this eye shadow when I saw lollipop26 raving about this cshade in one of her YouTube videos. So when I spotted this on sale at shopcoffretgorge, I immediately texted Georgina to reserve this for me. Ah oh boy, now I get all the hype over this shadow. The color is outstanding and is highly pigmented (despite being a lustre)! One swipe is all I need in order to allow its beautiful shade to show up on my lids. In short, I was extremely wowed! Look how gorgeous it is! :)
(one swipe only)

The color is described as "sinfully rich coco." It is a deep coppery bronze with a bit of a metallic sheen to it. Reminds me of Amber Lights, only with more copper. The rich chocolate brown with hints of golden shimmer accentuates my eyes and makes them pop! Definitely a great brown that can be used day or night. You can even build up the color for a nice smokey eye. It's perfect when you want that sexy smoky eye but don't quite want the drama of black. I so love Tempting!


Peace and Love!

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