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It is officially summer and what better way to embrace the scorching sun, but to head over to our favorite summer getaway. It can be by the beach, at a theme park or resort. The possibilities are endless. 

Now, whether you are hanging by a pool or getting sun-kissed by the beach, you can still look extra fashionable without breaking the bank with SM Accessories.

SM Accessories celebrated summer in a big way with an ultimate Summer Party featuring American singer and songwriter Kiiara at the Palace Pool Club. Kiiara’s music is described as downcast electronic pop with bass heavy, trap style rap style rap production.

                She independently released an acoustic pop single “Bring Me Back” in 2013 under her real name, Kiara Saulters.  After signing a deal with Atlantic Records in 2015, she changed her name to Kiiara and released her debut single “Gold”, which was chosen as the background music of a 15 second Apple Watch commercial entitled “Style”. The music video for “Gold” quickly garnered popularity, reaching five million views at mid-May 2016.

                Kiiara made her television debut performing “Gold” on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  She was also featured on the Linkin Park single, “Heavy”, which was released digitally on February 16, 2017 and on radio February 21.

                With that, there’s even more sizzle as SM Accessories, the fashion accessories authority, launched its Summer collection during the event.

SM Accessories is larger than life this summer with ultra-chic scarves, colorful sunglasses and show-stopping hats; as well as eye-catching necklaces, classy earrings and trendy bags for ladies. There are summer travel essentials: roomy backpacks, cool sunnies and hip-looking caps for men.  Kids on the other hand join in the summer fun with colorful straw hats, flower crowns and bags with playful designs.

                SM Accessories’ Summer Collection is available on all SM Stores nationwide. Get connected with SM Accessories through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat: @smaccessories.

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