IOPE Air Cushion (Matte Longwear) SPF 50+ PA+++ in N21, W21 and N23

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If I will list all the beauty products that I discovered and loved ultimately last year, the IOPE Air Cushion (Matte Longwear) will definitely ace that. I adore this product so much that despite the gazillion base make up that I have in my beauty stash, I still choose to use this BB cushion non-stop (currently on my third refill).

IOPE is the pioneer of BB cushions so I thought it would be a great brand to dip my toes into. IOPE also carries a wide variety of Air Cushions (Natural Glow, Intense Cover, Moisture Lasting, Matte Longwear, etc) which initially overwhelmed me.

But since I live in a tropical (read:humid) country, I need something that will give me enough coverage but without turning my face into a grease ball by mid day. I also don't like touching up my make up every now and then so I needed something that is long wearing. Needless to say, the Air Cushion Matte Longwear ticked all the right boxes for me.

For starters, the packaging of this BB cushion is so classy. I'm in love with its pearly-white casing. I like that it not too bulky and that it fits perfectly inside my purse. I also love how innovative the puff is (plus it has anti-bacterial properties). It picks up just the right amount of product every time and it applies evenly on the skin. I just dab it gently on my skin a few times until I get the coverage that I want to. It takes a bit of patience at first, but the end result is so worth it.

 The finish is matte but not flat if you know what I mean. I like that it blends perfectly on my skin, giving me that skin-like look but just a tad brighter.  It doesn't oxidize and it even stays put all day even without setting it with a powder. The coverage is legit that I can go away without using a concealer too. I like that I can also layer this on my skin without ending up looking cakey.

Another great thing about this BB cushion is that it has high SPF (50+ PA+++) which combats the bad effects of the sun  on the skin without leaving a horrendous white cast. Also, a little goes a long way too. If you feel that your cushion had dried out completely, just flip it and you'll be amazed how much product is still left on your compact. I'd say, with everyday use, one compact lasts me for 3-4 months.

However, like most Korean make up brands, one downfall of this product is the very limited shade range. The IOPE Air Cushion (Matte Longwear) comes in 5 shades. But still, all shades cater to light to light-medium skin tones only.

(photo taken from Aritaum)

C13 (Cool Vanilla)
N21 (Natural Beige)
N23 (Sand Beige)
W21 (Warm Beige)
W23 (Warm Sand)

For reference, I'm quite fair (Mac Nc20) and I still wear N23 (Sand Beige) which is the darkest shade that Althea (my fave Korean online store) carries.

I also have this in the shade N21 (Natural Beige)  which is too light for me and has pink undertones (my friend accidentally bought me this shade when I asked him to get me W21). 

But just recently, I managed to get a refill of the shade W21 (Warm Beige) at Lotte Incheon, Korea and I think this suits my skin tone perfectly because of its yellow/warm undertone. 


In action! (wearing shade N23)

The price tag is also a bit more expensive (Php1,520 with 1 free refill) compared to Korean road shop brands. It is also scented, but the scent doesn't bother me (nor my husband) at all. But if you are sensitive to scents, this is just something to keep in mind.

Oh and another thing. I find that this adheres to the skin really well that washing it off with a mediocre facial wash will not remove it completely. I suggest you double cleanse (use an oil based cleanser or cleansing/micellar water and then follow up with a water based cleanser) to make sure that your pores don't get clogged. But don't fret. I have sensitive skin, and this didn't break me out at all. 

I know that I am a little bit late with the BB cushion bandwagon, but I'm still glad that I hopped into it and I have no intention of getting off any time soon. I'm just slowly getting into Korean make up so if you have any suggestions on products that I should try, write them all out in the comments section below.


Kiss Kiss,
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